Franca Knit-a-Long

Welcome to our second annual Knit-a-Long! Going on now through April 16th, 2021 we'll be knitting the Franca together. This is an intermediate Cocoknits Method pattern. We recommend having knit at least one Cocoknits Method pattern prior to this project. You’ll be taking your skills to the next level with an integrated collar and kangaroo-style pockets. 

Our plan is to knit the Franca together in sections. When you sign up, you'll receive emails at the beginning of each section (weekly and bi-weekly). These emails will help keep you on track and they'll be filled with resources, tips, and tutorials. It's also where we'll announce prize winners - so be sure to open them to see if you've won.

Keep reading to learn how to join, about the prizes, and the timeline...

Julie will be knitting a Franca too! She has tons of pro tips and tricks to share. You can watch her process on our YOUTUBE PLAYLIST with accurate Closed Captions.

Franca Knit-a-Long

Franca knit in Woolfolk Far, color #04 Pewter.

How to Sign Up: 

Please reach out to your Local Yarn Store to see if they are participating first. We have a list of stores that are hosting below. 

If you can't find a store to knit with, you can still join us yourself by signing up below. Whether you're joining us solo or with a yarn shop, we encourage you to sign up for our KAL emails. Every week or two we'll send you an email letting you know next steps, tips and tricks for your sweater, and answer questions. This year, we're giving away prizes at the end of each section, in addition to a grand prize. These will be announced in the emails. If you're signing up for the KAL late and didn't receive an email that's already been sent out - it's all good! We'll link to them on this page in the timeline section below so you can catch up. 


Sign up HERE to subscribe to our twice monthly newsletter, where we'll announce the next KAL. 

Our Promotion: 

Join the KAL and you'll receive $10 off any tools or accessories in our store (patterns excluded). This promotion is over, it finished April 16th, 2021.

The Prizes: 

This year in addition to a grand prize at the end, we will give smaller prizes at the end of each section. Enter to win a prize by posting a picture of your project to social media, every post counts as a separate entry. We encourage you to share progress once you complete each section of the pattern! 


Prizes along the way: Split Ring Markers, Colorful Stitch Stoppers, Needle Gauge, Tape Measure, Maker's Keep

Please note, the Grand Prize has already been won! See our last email below to learn about the winner. 

Where Do I Post? 

Post your work-in-progress and final pictures to Instagram, Facebook, or our Ravelry Topic. For Facebook and Instagram, make sure to tag us and use #COCOKNITSKAL to be considered for prizes.  

What If I Sign Up Late? 

No worries! Our promotion will be active through April 16th. Any post on social before that date will be considered for prizes! All emails that you missed will be accessible below in the timeline section. 

I Have Project Questions...

If you have questions that you think would be helpful for the whole group, feel free to write a comment at the end of this page. You may also reach out through email at 


Click here to see how Julie knit her Franca on our YouTube Playlist.


Week 1: February 5th - February 11th

Prep Week! 




Weeks 2-3: February 12th - 25th

Sections 1-3 + Integrated Collar 




Weeks 4-5: February 26th - March 11th

Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet




Weeks 6-7: March 12th - 25th

Sleeves & Body




Week 7: March 19th - 25th

Bonus: Pockets!



  • Get tips from Julie with our Instagram Highlights "Franca KAL." If you don't have Instagram, you can watch them here (on YouTube with accurate Closed Captions)

Weeks 8-9: March 26th - April 8th

Finishing & Blocking 




Week 10: April 9th - 15th

Complete & Share Project



We did it! April 16th

Grand Prize Winner Announced! Thanks For Joining Our KAL. 


Don't forget you can see Julie knit her Franca on our YouTube Playlist!


Julie's Franca

Here you can see Julie's completed Franca cardigan (on a model) knit with mYak Baby Yak Medium, color Desert.

Local Yarn Shops That Are Participating



Hi Mary, Yes, casting on more stitches for the underarm is a great way to give yourself more room at the armscye. See ps. 108-109 in the book for more information about tweaking the size.

Mary Koons

I just tried on my sweater. So glad I did. I think the armscye is too small for my comfort. The back is snug- although I might like it a bit bigger. I wonder about just adding more cast on stitches to make it the sleeves a bit bigger around when putting sleeve stitches on holder. Choose a bigger sleeve size? I might want to just take it back and make a bigger size overall.


Hi Kristin,

The KAL promotion is only for tools and accessories. Patterns are not included. Glad you are knitting along with us!


I purchsed some tools and forgot to get the pattern! I tried to use the code again, but couldn’t as I used it already. Any chance I could get a different code?


Hi Mary, Glad you were able to work it out! Smart knitting, trying it on a swatch. In case others have the same question, here are the stitches written out:
WS: [Sl 1 wyif, k1] twice, p1…work to last 5 sts and p1, [k1, sl 1 wyif] twice
RS: [K1, sl 1 wyif] twice, k1…work to last 5 sts and k1, [Sl 1 wyif, k1] twice

Mary Koons

I think I understand the est stitches now for the icord at beginning and end. I made a swatch so I could see it and practice without having to rip out so many stitches. I wrote out a “pattern” to follow and I’ll let you know how it goes:-) I couldn’t “see the established pattern” yet when asked to do it.

Mary Koons

HI. My left front is looking good now that I am working the yoke. I am having trouble understanding which is the correct stitching for the right front Icord. The hand blocking doesn’t seem to work as Julie suggests in the youtube. I think I am not able to “Continue to work 5 edge sts of each Front necklines as est.” on bottom of page 8. I am not seeing what the established pattern is. Can you help writing a little more pattern instructions? I may have to rip out to return to when I started yoke. A few rows may be hidden as Julie suggests in You tube, but I don’t want to continue until I know if I have it correct. Thanks.
I don’t know what the zoom opportunity is. I’m working on “my own” without a shop.


Hi Amanda, Glad you are enjoying the KAL! The increase instructions are given at the end of the Neckline section on p. 9: Before a marker, KRL, k2; after a marker, k2, KLL.

Amanda Whitten

Loving the KAL – Section IV doesn’t specify how to increase- should we still be using KLL and KRL?


Check out this video where Julie discusses the initial difference in appearance between the two edges: Hope that helps!

Barbara Guerena

I have a question about Section II: the prep of the left collar pattern p.6. I used the PCO and on the right collar the sl 1 wyif worked well. When I began the prep of the left collar the order of the sl 1 wyif is reversed in the pattern. My edge does not look right. Is there a tutorial which will help me with this?


Hi Diane, There are a couple more tutorials that will help with this here:
First step is to determine which size is right for you based on the schematic. Then multiply the desired across the back measurement by your gauge and choose the size according to the appropriate stitch count given for the back on p. 10. Please email us at if you need more help.

Diane Tetz

Hi! I have a gauge question. I watched Julie’s ‘how to determine gauge video’, but am confused as to how to figure out the stitch count, as the Franca pattern is a cardigan not a pullover? I have chosen Berroco Vintage yarn, stitch count is 5 stitches/inch.


Hi Kathleen, To sign up for the Knit-a-Long, go to “how to sign up” near the top of this page and click on “sign up here.” Once you fill out the form, that will sign you up for the regular emails. We are sending the 2nd email this morning, so go to the schedule about halfway down the page and click on the first two email links to see them.
To buy the pattern, either buy it here on the website under patterns or go to Ravelry and search Cocoknits Franca and buy it there. Please let us know at if you have any more questions. Glad you are joining us!

Colleen Murphy

Can’t wait to start.

Kathleen Rodes

Very confused on how to sign up. Tried to purchase the pattern through one of the stores listed and no luck. Help?!?

Bernice Lass

Can’t wait to begin


Hi Jayne, The Zoom meetings will only be available through participating Local Yarn Stores, so check with your shop or see the list on this page to find one to join. Since we are doing things virtually these days, you can even join with a shop that isn’t close to you.

Jayne Jones

Will the zoom meetings be recorded so we can play it at a later time in case we need to miss a live meeting?


Hi Chantel, It will depend on how much overlap you want on the front of your sweater. Overlapping 4-4.5 inch gives an extra 3-4" for the front bust. Depending on your bust size, you can decide how much overlap you will want. If 3-4" is plenty extra for your bust, then use the first finished bust measurement (that you call x) to choose your size. If you want to know measurements for the back and each front piece, we’ve given those too. Since ease is a personal thing, we provided as much information as possible. Good luck with your sweater!


Hi Janet, yes, you will want the book and the Franca pattern. Then, you can knit a swatch now, or wait for our first email on 2/5, which will explain all you need to do to get ready for the KAL. Glad you are joining us!

Janet Kriz

I want to participate in the KAL, but not sure what to do after signing up. There is not a shop near me, so I need some guidance for how to start. Do I need the book?

Chantal Whiteford

Hi I have a question re finished size. It states that size is x and then the overlap is y – so do you take final measurements as x + y and choose size according to that? Or just as x??


Hi Pam, Phyllis, and Amy, There is no cost to join. To participate, you will need the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book, the Franca pattern, and yarn. We don’t sell yarn, only our book, patterns, and tools. All of the participating LYS should have these things available for your purchase. The $10 discount code you receive on joining can be used on only, towards the purchase of tools (not patterns) and the book. We’re offering this to help cover some of the shipping cost for those who do not have a local yarn shop near them, but any participant can use this code. It never expires. Welcome to the Knit-a-Long!

Amy Jett

I’m very interested in participating, but unclear on pricing of KAL.

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