Things We Love

The Cocoknits Team is a tight-knit group of passionate Makers. There are so many products and brands we admire, we want to share them with you! None of these are sponsored posts, everything here is something a member of our team genuinely loves and uses. We hope you discover something you love too!

Yarn Julie Loves


Spun from all natural fibers, whether bamboo, cotton, silk, or wool, this yarn always creates a beautiful, unusual fabric.

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Organic, ethically-sourced, naturally dyed yarn using traditional methods, this yarn is vibrant in color and origin.

Fibre Co.

This yarn is delicious and Fibre Co. is a great example of a growing company keeping their focus on their community and quality products.

Big Bad Wool

This company keeps it sweet and simple by producing just two yarns: fluffy novelty Baby Yeti, and classically plied Weepaca. Both are baby-soft blends of merino wool and baby alpaca with very different textures, and are equally delightful options for both baby and adult garments.

Kelbourne Woolens

Yarn made by experienced fiber artists. The two women behind this company are passionate about knitting and creativity, and we like supporting them by knitting with their lovely yarn.

Sincere Sheep

If you are interested in single-source, breed-specific, custom-made yarns and fibers that are naturally dyed, you have to try this yarn. The name of the ranch, location, and breed is identified on most labels. This California based company has partnered with a few well-known companies that support sustainability and the local economy, but you can buy directly from this company yourself!

Jessica’s Favorite

Into the Whirled: I bought a skein at NY Sheep & Wool and haven’t decided what to make with it yet. – So I periodically squish it and look at the pretty colors. This yarn is made by a nice couple from The Catskills who hand-dye together.

Jennifer's Favorite

Fresh off my needles: Emma version A


This yarn supports the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau. The fiber is obtained from combing baby yaks and cashmere goats. The company integrates sustainability, social responsibility, quality, and technology in their business practices to create yarn that inspires, while honoring tradition and nomadic people. (shown here: Baby Yak lace weight in Mustard)

Knit Collage

These fun and colorful yarns are hand spun from hand-dyed fiber. Each skein is unique, so anything you make with them is distinct and fully handmade!

Love Fest Fibers

Small batch yarn focused on being made sustainably and locally sourced.


This family-owned company makes yarn in hand-dyed colorways inspired by nature. They are passionate about high quality yarn and inspiring knitters all over the world and it will bring you joy whenever you knit with or wear pieces using their yarn.


This company not only combines the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. They also design yarn with technical consideration. Whether you can understand their deep knowledge of wool, or not, you will undoubtedly appreciate the end result of their intentional and subtle design.

Biches et Bûches

Natural wool from a fiber mill in Scotland, this yarn is designed with the intention to feel good while knitting and wearing it, while also being sturdy enough wear well through the years. The family-owned company is based in France.

Jane's Favorite

Right now I'm making a blanket for my new home with giant bobbles (kfbfbf) using Spud & Chloë Outer. I love the fun texture (so do my cats) and it's the softest machine-washable yarn I've ever used.

Brands We Admire


Addi Interchangeable Needles are great for so many reasons. We love how you don’t have to knit onto new needles when a pattern calls for one size of needles for Cast On, and another for afterwards. Simply click the new size on your cords and you’re good to go! Julie really loves these because she purls with a smaller needle than she knits to regulate her tension, and you can only do this with an interchangeable set. These needles never come loose, or unscrewed. They stay right where you need them so you never lose a stitch!


The Loome tools & book are our favorite way to play with our scrap yarn! Everytime we open this book, we’re inspired to make pompom garland or tassel earrings or something. Who knows what magic one will make with this tiny tool?! Check out their Instagram to see all the fun things they’re creating!

Merchant & Mills WEBSITE

Beautiful minimalist packaging, high quality tools, classic style and traditional design. Their products are for more than just people who sew. Any Maker can’t help but be drawn to their materials, patterns, tools, and books. We love everything they create.

Clara Parkes WEBSITE

We all know and love her blog but did you know she writes knitty memoirs too! She’s full of fun adventures that will make you hop in the car with some sock knitting. Be warned these are no-shaming zones, and you may be inspired to stash dive or enabled to horde more yarn.

Melanie Falick WEBSITE

She is the editorial genius and creative director behind most of your favorite knitting and craft books, the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides, and the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop! She wrote a new book, Making a Life, which explores making culture and why we make. It is a beautiful book that inspired our whole team, we encourage you to check it out. Learn more about Melanie and what she's working on here!

More Favorites

Jade Sapphire

Hand-dyed cashmere...need we say more?!

Manos del Uruguay

Yarn made by the women of rural Uruguay. This company has mastered small batch yarn on a large scale. Their yarn is beautiful, ethical, and sustainable.

The Gardener

Whether you garden or not (Jessica tends to accidentally kill plants), you will love the collection of products this store offers. Each item is handpicked by the owner because she personally enjoys and appreciates it: from broom to bowl, or soap to ceramics, each is an opportunity to bring joy to everyday moments.

Cameron Marks

Whenever I’m in Santa Cruz, California, I pop into Cameron Marks to see what’s new! They cover everything from head to toe, room and board, physical and metaphysical; no stone is unturned in this unique shop.

Black Crane

They believe “Clothes are tools of living.” Comfort and function are behind all their designs, and they make everything in Los Angeles because they are committed to supporting their community. Their intentional design and business practices make us love supporting them.