Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet

In Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, I explain the Cocoknits Method which uses a new tool – the Cocoknits Worksheet. The colored vertical lines on the columns of the Cocoknits Worksheet correspond to the borders of sections of your sweater: left front, left sleeve, back, right sleeve, and right front. When you select the pattern you’d like to make and have double checked that your yarn is the right gauge, fill in the stitch quantities for each section from your pattern into your Worksheet. As you set up your knitting, you will place a stitch marker of the same color as the corresponding line on your Worksheet at the border of each section.

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Then just follow along with the increases and shaping you’ve filled into your Worksheet from your chosen pattern. You’ll be able to see at a glance where and when to increase without having to continually refer to the written pattern. And if you put your knitting down for a few days (or a few years), it’s very easy to see where you left off in your pattern just by checking the stitch count between the markers.

The Cocoknits Worksheet can then be your own customized pattern to make in other colorways and yarns. You can also use Cocoknits Worksheets to plan out any other seamless yoked sweater patterns.

Example of Filled Worksheet

Filled Cocoknits Worksheet Example



Hi Theresa, So glad you liked the class! Please send your question, with the exact numbers you are getting, to We’ll be glad to help!

Theresa van

I just took the cocoknits workshop from VKL and love the instruction from Julie on her cocoknits method. I’ve filled out the work sheet for Emma version A, size 49.5. I just can’t seem to get the correct stitch count for the left and right front. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!


We have links to kits offered by yarn companies in the pattern listings. Check for the Kit header. You can use the person-shaped icon at the top right of your screen to sign up for an account and the mailing list link at the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter!

Rose Mary Grant

Hi Cocoknits,
I have been knitting for a long time…and I love it so very much. It helps me relax, it helps me focus, it help me with my creativity, it helps me have great things to wear, it helps me to be beautiful and most of all, it helps me with life! Your website is awesome…I’m on it ALL the time…can I register and do you have kits? Please get back to me asap. Thanks for a classy website.


Hi Linda, Glad you liked your Emma!
On p. 100, it tells you where to write your increases on your worksheet and what row to write them on. For the Back and Fronts, you count backwards from the last yoke row that you have marked on your worksheet. For the Neckline you mark the increases at the neckline on your worksheet: to the left of the red marker and to the right of your yellow marker on Rows 11, 13, 15, 17. Write the cast-on stitches to the left of the yellow line on Row 17. The plus stitches you write on Row 19 and on will help you with the short rows when you get to them. See p. 101 for the instructions starting with Row 20—you can use them in conjunction with your worksheet when you get there.
Please email us at if you need more specific instructions. Enjoy your Molly!

Linda Goodman

I made the Emma A and it turned out nice. I am now working on the Molly size 41.75 using DK yarn to achieve medium with short sleeves. I don’t quite understand how to fill out the worksheet for the rounded neckline. Any help would be appreciated. It helped me that the pattern book had a sample of Emma worksheet. Thank you.

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