Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet

In Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, I explain the Cocoknits Method which uses a new tool – the Cocoknits Worksheet. The colored vertical lines on the columns of the Cocoknits Worksheet correspond to the borders of sections of your sweater: left front, left sleeve, back, right sleeve, and right front. When you select the pattern you’d like to make and have double checked that your yarn is the right gauge, fill in the stitch quantities for each section from your pattern into your Worksheet. As you set up your knitting, you will place a stitch marker of the same color as the corresponding line on your Worksheet at the border of each section.

Then just follow along with the increases and shaping you’ve filled into your Worksheet from your chosen pattern. You’ll be able to see at a glance where and when to increase without having to continually refer to the written pattern. And if you put your knitting down for a few days (or a few years), it’s very easy to see where you left off in your pattern just by checking the stitch count between the markers.

The Cocoknits Worksheet can then be your own customized pattern to make in other colorways and yarns. You can also use Cocoknits Worksheets to plan out any other seamless yoked sweater patterns.



Hi Anne,

We’re happy to help you with this! We have some helpful imagery, will you email us at so we can share them with you?


Anne Hymes

I am looking for a video of attaching the collar to back in Lizzie sweater I get the PCO but I can’t find any help attaching it


Hi Andrea, Thanks for your message. Having lines up to 56 was a decision we made so that any notes on a line would be legible. We recommend continuing to a second worksheet updating the line numbers as needed. Hope that helps!

Andrea Sarah Lawson

Hi I am knitting Eve size 4, the instructions tell me to draw a line under line 64 of the worksheet, but the worksheet only goes upto line 56? Are there any plans to provide a worksheet to work with the larger sizes?

Vivian Pittman-Latham

Did not print worksheet , so I’m unable to move forward. Love your patterns , knitted many. It’s been some time so I was not aware of the worksheet. Buyers PRINT the worksheet!!! It would be most helpful.


We recommend taking a photo of the worksheet page and print the jpg, or scan it with a free app like Genius Scan to convert to a PDF and print worksheets. We also have a worksheet journal which contains 24 full color worksheets (these can be used for non-Cocoknits Method patterns too). In addition to these option, our Cocoknits Method patterns sold on our site, are PDF downloads that come with a worksheet page.

Pamela Marriott

Is there a fillable pdf of worksheet

Kim Hanson

I think the worksheet is genius. The only complaint I have is that the shaded rows don’t show up well when copied. I had to use the darkest copy setting on my printer/copier.


Hi Margaret, We’ve added a new photo of Antonia/Antonio to the pattern page but it is the same pattern as before. The only difference is that it is knit with a new yarn (by A Verb For Keeping Warm). We promise it is the same pattern, we just didn’t design the pattern to include this new sample we’ve made.

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