The Cocoknits Method Everlasting KAL

Knit whatever Cocoknits Method pattern you want, whenever you want, however you want. That's the philosophy behind our newest knit-a-long. It's a "choose your own adventure" of sorts. But the best part? We don't have an end date...and we don't plan on setting one, so you can join over and over again. That's why we're calling this the Cocoknits Method Everlasting KAL.

Read the details below to learn how to sign up, about prizes, and how to make the most of your experience.

How to Sign Up: 

Like the rest of this KAL, you have choices on how you sign up.

First decide who you're doing it with: 

  1. Reach out to your LYS and see if they're participating or if they plan to host a KAL soon. 
  2. Start your own KAL group with your closest knitting pals. 
  3. Go solo! Sometimes knitting by yourself on the couch is the best, right? 

Then decide how you'll follow along: 

  1. If you're participating with an LYS, they may have their own timeline to follow or they may have you follow along by signing up for our emails
  2. Sign up for emails! Our emails will guide you through the KAL over an 8 week period (you can see a breakdown of that timeline below). The emails will offer reminders and motivation to keep up with the project along with tips and tricks for each section. 
  3. Follow along by reading the content below at your own pace. 

Our Promotion: 

When you sign up for our emails, you'll receive a coupon code for a free Cocoknits Method pattern of your choice with any tool purchase from our website (note: this doesn't include patterns exclusively sold in the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop). This promotion will be active until December 31st 2023. 

The Prizes: 

In addition to our promotion, we're giving away prizes throughout the year for the KAL. Every 3 months (in the beginning of February, April, July, and October) we will give away a $100 gift card to our website. Enter to win a prize by....

  • Sharing your project on Instagram, Facebook, or our Ravelry Forum
  • Every post counts as a separate entry (both work-in-progress and final pictures are considered).
  • For Facebook and Instagram, make sure to tag us and use #TheEverlastingKAL to be considered for prizes.  
  • We encourage you to share progress pictures once you complete each section of the pattern - it doesn't have to be a Finished Object to win!

I Have Project Questions... 

If you have questions that you think would be helpful for the whole group, feel free to write a comment at the end of this page. You can also reach out through email at 

The Timeline...




Week 1: Prep Week!

There's nothing we find more enjoyable than preparing for a fresh knitting project. We love discovering new yarn options at our LYS, gathering our tools, filling up on fiber inspiration, and making that first magical swatch. That's what this week is all about.





Week 2: Sections 1-3

It's time for the magic of the Cocoknits Method to begin. In sections 1-3 you'll be creating that signature 3-dimensional and oh-so-comfy shoulder that's the trademark of Julie's designs. 




Week 2: Collar (if pattern calls for it)

The integrated (and nearly seamless) Collar is a stunning detail included in some of the Cocoknits Method cardigans. If you find yourself intimidated by this technique - no worries! It's very doable. What often stumps knitters is simply visualizing the process. Thankfully we have plenty of extra instruction to help you understand and master this step. 




Weeks 3-4: Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet

It's time to knit the yokes of our sweaters! As usual with the Cocoknits Method, we'll use the Cocoknits Worksheet. If you are knitting a modified Cocoknits Method pattern, you may not need this worksheet. This visual tracking system makes managing increases as simple as can be. After you fill out the worksheet, you'll be cruising on your project.




Weeks 5-6: Sleeves & Body

Now that the hard part of your sweater is over, the rest of your project should be a breeze. We have a few customization tips and ways to simplify the sleeves and body...but our favorite? A glass of wine and good company to get through sleeve island. 😉




Week 6: Pockets (if pattern calls for it)

It has pockets!!! Whether they're used for storing snacks or keeping your hands warm, pockets are just...the best. If your pattern calls for pockets, we have a few simple tips to help. Maybe your pattern doesn't have pockets but you'd like to add them? We welcome that too! Cocoknits Method patterns are designed to be modified by you for you. 




Weeks 7-8: Finishing & Blocking

Binding off isn't the end of creating your sweater. Finishing and blocking are simple but vital steps to ensure that your final project looks as perfect as you dreamed. Whether you feel confident in your finishing skills or feel like you need to master the basics, we have useful tips and tricks for you! Get ready to fall in love with your project even more. 



Local Yarn Shops That Are Participating

Julie's Toni

A top-down image of a wooden table top. Scattered neatly on the table is a Kraft Caddy, colorful yarn, Maker's Board with Toni pattern, small succulent, tea, stitch parkers, measuring tape, snips, and a colorful swatch.

From January 28 - March 25 Julie's knitting a Toni for the Everlasting KAL. She's sharing her progress along with tips and tricks each step of the way. You can join her at any point - click here to learn more!



Hi Christine, the Cocoknits method allows you to do all sorts of adjustments. Because it’s knit top-down and seamless, your son can try it on as you knit it to make sure the fit is what he wants. You’ll want to use the schematic to help you adjust to use numbers of stitches from different sizes for different parts of the sweater, depending on his measurements.
So, you would start with CO for the size that fits his cross shoulder measurement (probably the 3X), then consider how long you want the armhole to be. Over the course of the worksheet, you will want to increase only to his correct chest measurement, which will involve you switching to a smaller size – maybe 1X? You’ll ignore the waist shaping on the current pattern and decide if you want to narrow the sweater below the chest for a more fitted look.
In regard to the details on the sweater, you might decide to change the rolled edges to ribbing…
Good luck and enjoy!


I am considering knitting Franca for my 20 years old son (slim, wide shoulders). Do you think it will work? What mods would you recommend to make it look like a men’s cardigan?


Hi Ruth, Yes, you can sign up anytime at the top of this page. Check out the comment below yours for more details. Welcome to the Everlasting KAL!

Ruth Swarthout

Is it too late to sign up


Hi Mary, It is never too late! You can sign up to do the Everlasting KAL on your own any time. Signing up will start the 8 weeks of emails. We’re happy to help with questions at and on our Ravelry forum. If you want to join with your LYS, you can check with them to see if they are knitting along and also check our events listings under Discover above. Julie expects to start another KAL around the beginning of February. Sign up for our Newsletter below to be among the first to hear!

Mary Busenbark

Is it too late to join the kal? Will you do the kal again next year?


Hi Christina, We have reactivated the code through August and we will be offering a new promo code when Julie participates in the KAL starting January 2023. Please use it now and email us if you have any other questions. Enjoy the KAL!


Is there any plan to run the promotion again? I just joined and wasn’t able to get the free pattern coupon code to work, then finally realized it ‘expired’ July 31. :-(


Welcome! We are excited to have you!

Yumi Mizobe

Hello, I will participate in “everlasting kal” at the Japanese shop “EYLUL”. I want to have fun. thank you.


Hi Donna,

Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Donna Comstock

I am working on the Gisela pattern and having trouble joining the sleeves.
Is there a tutorial?


Hi Deborah, That coupon works when you make a tool purchase, as stated in the “Our Promotion” paragraph above. Welcome to the KAL!

Deborah Nelson

I tried to buy Toni with the ForeverKnitting22 coupon code and the checkout page would not accept it.


Hi Irene,
The great thing about the Everlasting KAL is that you can sign up anytime! And you can sign up more than once. As soon as you sign up, you will get the first email and start the 8-week schedule. If you are knitting along with a yarn store or with Julie on her Toni, you can access those materials as well. Access Julie’s Toni under the Learn tab above. Enjoy! Let us know if you have more questions at


Hi Alicia,
It sounds like you may have knit the left shoulder stitches from the wrong end. When you knit those stitches after picking them up, you are working from the cast-on edge down to the live stitches at the bottom/wider part of the upper back. Your first row is a right side row and you are ready to purl back. Hope that helps! Feel free to email us at if you have more questions.


Do I still have time to sign up for the KAL?

Alicia Walters

Hi! I’m doing Emma C for the KAL is there something different about the left shoulder? I ended up on the WS after ‘Pick Up Then Knit’ on the Right shoulder, On the Left Shoulder I end up on the RS after ‘Pick Up Then Knit’ Amni doing something wrong? Thanks!


Art of Yarn under participating shops is not in West Kelowna, it’s in Kelowna, BC


Hi Paige, if you’ve signed up for the Everlasting KAL, you should have gotten your first email, “Prep Week,” with information about choosing yarn and swatching. So time to swatch :) If you haven’t signed up, sign up above. And to watch what Julie and others are doing on their Toni sweaters, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and in our forum on Ravelry.


I’m in. I have my yarn, pattern and CocoKnits Sweater Workshop book. What’s next?


Thanks for letting us know! We’ve fixed it. Enjoy the KAL!

Karen Midgley

The link for Art of Yarn in Kelowna, BC is incorrect on your web page. It takes me to “A Yarn Story” shop in Bath, England. Since I am looking to participate it would be nice to shop at a Canadian store. Thank you, Karen

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