The Cocoknits Method Everlasting KAL

Knit whatever Cocoknits Method pattern you want, whenever you want, however you want. That's the philosophy behind our newest knit-a-long. It's a "choose your own adventure" of sorts. But the best part? We don't have an end date...and we don't plan on setting one, so you can join over and over again. That's why we're calling this the Cocoknits Method Everlasting KAL.

Read the details below to learn how to sign up, about prizes, and how to make the most of your experience.

How it Works:

  • You sign up for our KAL emails (the day you’re ready to start PREP WEEK).
  • Email confirmation received! This includes a code to download your free Cocoknits Method sweater pattern with any tool, accessory, or On Demand Class purchase.
  • You choose which Cocoknits Method sweater you want to knit.
  • Over 8 weeks you will receive emails with free resources.
  • Post your progress for a chance to win prizes (details below).

Join again whenever you want! Our automated KAL emails begin the day you sign up and you’re automatically unsubscribed at the end of the 8 weeks.

Want to knit along with Julie and the Cocoknits team? We hop in annually at the beginning of the year - subscribe to our regular bi-monthly newsletter to find out when (and what) we will be knitting.

How to Sign Up: 

Just like the rest of this KAL, you have choices.

First decide who you're doing it with: 

  1. Reach out to your LYS and see if they're participating or if they plan to host a KAL soon. 
  2. Start your own KAL group with your closest knitting pals. 
  3. Go solo! Sometimes knitting by yourself on the couch is the best, right? 

Then decide how you'll follow along: 

  1. If you're participating with an LYS, they may have their own timeline to follow or they may have you follow along by signing up for our emails
  2. If you’re doing it yourself or with friends, simply sign up for emails when you're ready to get going! Our automated KAL emails begin the day you sign up, and will guide you through the KAL over an 8 week period (you can see a breakdown of that timeline below). The emails will offer reminders and motivation to keep up with the project along with tips and tricks for each section. 
  3. If you don’t want to sign up for the emails, you can follow along by reading the content below at your own pace. 

Wait to sign up until the day you are ready to start Prep Week.

Our Promotion: 

When you sign up for our emails, you'll receive a coupon code for a free Cocoknits Method pattern of your choice with purchase of any tool, accessory, or On Demand Class from our website.

Note: the coupon code cannot be used for patterns sold exclusively in the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. However, the book does qualify as a “tool or accessory” purchase to activate the coupon code for a different Cocoknits Method pattern.

The Prizes: 

In addition to our promotion, we're giving away prizes throughout the year for the KAL. Every 3 months (in the beginning of February, April, July, and October) we will give away a $100 gift card to our website. Enter to win a prize by....

  • Sharing your project on Instagram, Facebook, or our Ravelry Forum
  • Every post counts as a separate entry (both work-in-progress and final pictures are considered).
  • For Facebook and Instagram, make sure to tag us (@cocoknits) and use #TheEverlastingKAL to be considered for prizes.  
  • We encourage you to share progress pictures once you complete each section of the pattern - it doesn't have to be a Finished Object to win!

I Have Project Questions... 

If you have questions that you think would be helpful for the whole group, feel free to write a comment at the end of this page. You can also reach out through email at 

The Timeline...

Misplaced an email? No problem. You can find all the articles linked in the KAL emails right here:


Week 1: Prep Week!

There's nothing we find more enjoyable than preparing for a fresh knitting project. We love discovering new yarn options at our LYS, gathering our tools, filling up on fiber inspiration, and making that first magical swatch. That's what this week is all about.





Week 2: Sections 1-3

It's time for the magic of the Cocoknits Method to begin. In sections 1-3 you'll be creating that signature 3-dimensional and oh-so-comfy shoulder that's the trademark of Julie's designs. 




Week 2: Collar (if pattern calls for it)

The integrated (and nearly seamless) Collar is a stunning detail included in some of the Cocoknits Method cardigans. If you find yourself intimidated by this technique - no worries! It's very doable. What often stumps knitters is simply visualizing the process. Thankfully we have plenty of extra instructions to help you understand and master this step. 




Weeks 3-4: Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet

It's time to knit the yokes of our sweaters! As usual with the Cocoknits Method, we'll use the Cocoknits Worksheet. If you are knitting a modified Cocoknits Method pattern, you may not need this worksheet. This visual tracking system makes managing increases as simple as can be. After you fill out the worksheet, you'll be cruising on your project.




Weeks 5-6: Sleeves & Body

Now that the hard part of your sweater is over, the rest of your project should be a breeze. We have a few customization tips and ways to simplify the sleeves and body...but our favorite? A glass of wine and good company to get through sleeve island. 😉




Week 6: Pockets (if pattern calls for it)

It has pockets!!! Whether they're used for storing snacks or keeping your hands warm, pockets are just...the best. If your pattern calls for pockets, we have a few simple tips to help. Maybe your pattern doesn't have pockets but you'd like to add them? We welcome that too! Cocoknits Method patterns are designed to be modified by you for you. 




Weeks 7-8: Finishing & Blocking

Binding off isn't the end of creating your sweater. Finishing and blocking are simple but vital steps to ensure that your final project looks as perfect as you dreamed. We have tutorials to help with everything from adding a ribbed neckline to seaming the underarms to wet blocking. Whether you feel confident in your finishing skills or feel like you need to master the basics, we have useful tips and tricks for you! Get ready to fall in love with your project even more.



Knit Along with Julie


Knitting supplies viewed from above: notions, printed pattern, and yarn.

From February 2 - March 29, Julie's knitting a Ruth for the Everlasting KAL. She'll share her progress on Ravelry, Instagram, and right here on our website - click here to see the article.


Past Everlasting KALs

We hop into the Everlasting KAL annually. Here are Julie's past eKAL makes:


Previous Cocoknits KALs

Our past KALs before we developed the Everlasting KAL:

Local Yarn Shops That Participate

Join with one of these shops or ask at your LYS!

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Ciao Anna, grazie per il tuo interesse per i modelli Cocoknits! Non abbiamo piani immediati per tradurre il libro o gli schemi, ma speriamo di avere le nostre lezioni video, che possono essere acquistate, tradotte.


Mi piacerebbe realizzare i vostri modelli, avete in programma le spiegazioni in italiano? Grazie Anna


Hi Kathryn,
Yarn amounts given in our patterns have enough extra for a swatch. That said, different knitters can use different amounts of yarn for the same gauge. If you end up needing the yarn from your swatch, you can rip it out and use it, so you shouldn’t need extra yarn unless you know you tend to use more yarn than expected consistently. Enjoy the KAL!

Kathryn Quirk

Looking forward to joining the KAL.
Does the yarn amount specified for each size in all the patterns include yardage for a swatch or will I need extra? Thx


Hi Barbara, Thanks for the reminder to remove that yarn! You will see there are now 2 yarns recommended that are available. In addition to those, you can look under “yarn ideas” on the Ravelry pattern page. From there you can look at the Francas that were knitted in that yarn. You can also look at all the Franca projects to see what yarns people used and what they thought of those yarns for their Francas. There are also yarn ideas and discussions in the Franca KAL threads in our Ravelry forum. Hope that helps—feel free to email us at with any questions.

Barbara McPipkin

I want to knit your pattern Franca. The yarn you recommended in Ravelry is discontinued. Would you recommed another yarn that is similar to that one. I have your book on your method and have knit several of your patterns. Please help me find the yarn to do this pattern justice. Are you going to Rinebeck this year.


Hi Darrilyn, You don’t mention if you are using magic loop or double points. Assuming that you aren’t losing stitches off your needles (which would create big ladders!), here are some techniques you might use to deal with the ladders. 1) Ignore them because they will smooth out with blocking; 2) ease the slack in the stitch to the left on one row, skip a couple rows then ease the slack to the right on a row, repeat until it no longer bothers you; or 3: for magic loop pull your loop out 2 stitches further along on each side on a round between decreases, then put back for decrease rows; 4) for double pointed needles, knit 2 more stitches onto each needle every few rounds. Hope that helps—feel free to email us at knit if you need more help.


I am working on Lizzie. My first Cocoknits. No problems with sleeve 1. I have had to unravel sleeve 2 repeatedly (more tha 15 times) because the stitches keep laddering. Any help would be appreciated


Hi Nikki,
The reason the stitch counts are different is that a kfb has a distinct purl bump that occurs after the knit part of the stitch. So if you count knit stitches before the purl bump, you have to include the first part of the kfb, but after the purl bump, you have one extra knit stitch to mirror the other side. Hope that helps! Please email us at if you have more questions :)


Hi, I’m reading ahead on the Hillary pattern and on page 9 for the pockets, on Rnd 1 it’s working over 24 sts before the center marker but only 23 after the center. Before the center marker it says to k1fb, k2 pm k21 (that would add up to 24 sts worked) then k21, pm, k1* k1fb, k to end (that would add up to 23 sts worked). I put an * after the k1 because I feel like it should be k2. Is this correct or is it an errata? If this is an Errata, does this affect the next 3 rnds and will they need to be adjusted accordingly as well? Hope this makes sense!
Just wanna be sure before starting in on the project. TIA!


Hi Sarah, Depending on the washing instructions for the yarn you used, it seems likely that your daughter will lay it flat to dry, if she does wash it. In that case she can take a moment to pull the rib out to where she likes it. If it is intended to go in the dryer, then she might have to pull it out before it is fully dry and lay it flat, adjusting the ribbing as above. Hope that helps! Congratulations on finishing Toni!

Sarah Punderson

I have just finished knitting the Toni sweater for my daughter. I used a superwash wool since it needs to by easy care for my non-knitting daughter who is a parent to 2 small children. I am concerned how much the ribbing pulls in at the bottom. I can stretch it out when I block it, but if she needs to “wash” it, will the ribbing go back to pulling in?


Hi Karen,
We’re happy to help. Could you send us an email at and let us know as specifically as possible which parts of the directions you need help with?

Jayne Bellows

Never mind! Just figured it out😀

Jayne Bellows

Hi. I am trying to fill out the worksheet for the Mabel. I am knitting the 1X. I have the sleeve increases in and it comes to a total of 42 stitches as it should. However when I add 9 stitches at the armholes on the back (18 stitches) it totals 60 stitches. The pattern says 66 stitches. What am I doing wrong.

Karen Collier

Hello! I am doing Molly size Medium. I have done sections 1-3. I am ready to do the worksheet. But the instructions for doing the worksheet is confusing. I am not sure what to put on the worksheet. Thank you for your help


Hi Sharon, We don’t recommend Quinn as a first Cocoknits Method pattern unless you are experienced with cables and an adventurous knitter. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, but nothing can replace in-person help from your LYS. Good luck with the KAL!

Sharon Timm

Hullo I joined with a LYS Be inspired. I want to do Quinn. Will there be help if I choose Quinn. I have the pattern and have signed up for emails just now. Your help will be much appreciated. I’m looking for the honeycomb stitch instructions. Can I use any honeycomb tutorial on YouTube. Thank yiu


Hi Martine, There is no cost to join the KAL! You will probably end up purchasing the book and maybe a pattern and you’ll need yarn :) But the emails and customer support for the KAL are free. Hope you can join us.

Martine Tanghe

hello, I should like to participate, but I see nowhere what price it costs ? Can you inform me about this ? Thank you very much


Hi Leslie, Once you have knit a swatch and decided what gauge you like, you can modify the pattern to work with that gauge. Julie explains how in our website article “How to Modify Gauge” and in a video she made for the Toni KAL, which you can find in the resources on our KAL page. You may find that Molly’s gauge (in Cocoknits Sweater Workshop) is close to the gauge you want, and you can use those numbers to help you modify your Mabel. Keep an eye out for more videos in the resources for the KAL.


Thanks for joining us!

Judith L Taber

Looking forward to a new way to knit a sweater!!

Leslie Parnes

I am going to be knitting Mabel with Hands On Knitting Center.
I don’t want to use bulky yarn, how do I figure out what size to make using worsted or DK?


Hi Karen, Time to swatch! Your yarn is listed as having a gauge between 4 and 5 sts to the inch / 2.5 cm, so, if you like it knitted at 4.5 sts/in, you won’t need to do any adjusting of the pattern. In that case, you can expect to need 1825 yds of yarn, as stated in the pattern on p. 97. Hope that helps!

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