Company Statements

Cocoknits’ mission is to design beautiful, functional, tools and patterns for makers all over the world, so they may delight in the making. We believe every part of the creative process should be an enjoyable experience. We support independently owned shops and craft businesses in the Making community.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Cocoknits, we carefully consider the environmental impact and sustainability with every product we design and package. Our products are ethically sourced from the US and China. Our packaging is reusable and recyclable, and many of our products can be recycled. With all our products, we are thoughtful and transparent about where we source and manufacture them. We don’t profess to be perfect, but we promise to keep trying to bring you fun, new tools in as sustainable a manner as possible!

Commitment to Independently Owned Shops

Part of our mission is to support local brick & mortar yarn shops and independently owned stores as much as possible. In offering our products at these shops, we feel we are supporting small businesses (which are primarily women-owned), who are the lifeblood of local Making communities and in turn foster local economic growth. In an effort to support them, we very rarely offer discounts, promotions, or free shipping from our website, because it would likely take business away from your LYS. In addition, we don’t allow sales of our products on third party sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay in order to reduce competition with local shops, (who are allowed to sell on their own branded websites.) We sell our products on our website so Cocoknits items are accessible to people without a local yarn shop.

Commitment to Inclusion

Cocoknits seeks to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment. We support the participation of all who are interested in making and we value the diversity arising from differences that enrich our community.  We are an inclusive company that will not tolerate harassment or abuse on our site. We reserve the right to remove hateful or inappropriate comments. We believe that the little things make a big difference. We support independently owned shops and craft businesses and aim to welcome makers with a diverse set of backgrounds, beliefs, and values. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where we can connect through the shared joy of making.

We carefully consider the cultural impact and inclusivity with every pattern design and company communication we create. Our patterns are designed to be customizable for every body type, and are shown on models that represent a range of beauty. (Please see our “Pattern” notes below for more.) We seek to make our products available to any store that wants to carry them, and we price our products as best we can to make them high quality, yet accessible. We try to be thoughtful, transparent, and intentional about representation, cultural awareness and respect, and accessibility in all our company actions.  We don’t profess to be perfect, but we promise to keep trying to be better, listening, learning and approaching all conversations with love and respect. If you experience or notice an unacceptable behavior by a member of the Cocoknits community (including employees and customers), or have any other concerns related to inclusion, please contact

See also our Privacy or Terms & Conditions

Pattern Notes

Regarding our pattern pricing and sizing
  • We hire professional photographers, models, tech editors, sample knitters, and graphic designers who are paid professional rates. This, in turn, creates work for entrepreneurial women.
  • While Julie designs for busts up to 54-60”, we only show size mediums on the website and patterns because we usually use complementary yarn from small producers.  We feel asking for enough yarn to knit larger garments would put undue strain on these small, women-owned businesses.
  • We pay our sample knitters by the yard, so having larger garments knit would increase this factor of our final costs.
  • Including photos of multiple sizes of a design in each pattern file would require multiple sizes of models for each photoshoot and increase that factor in our cost calculations.
  • Despite showing only size medium sweaters and models, we aim to be fully inclusive and hope that people will share their finished Cocoknits garments on social media and Ravelry! It’s the perfect way to showcase the patterns in a variety of sizes.  

With this in mind, we welcome feedback on patterns, please email us at with suggestions to help us do better.

Causes We Support

We invite you to explore and join us in supporting.

  • Shuumi Land Tax:  Cocoknits pays this annual tax to support The Sogorea Te Land Trust
  • Creative Growth: Cocoknits donates money and materials to this amazing art studio in Oakland, CA for artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities.
  • Planned Parenthood: Cocoknits is a sustaining supporter of this vital organization.
  • The Trevor Project: Cocoknits regularly donates money to support LGBTQ+ youth resources.
  • Campaign Zero: Cocoknits is a sustaining supporter to help end police violence.
  • CASA: Cocoknits donates money and some of our team members volunteer with this organization, to advocate on behalf of children who have experienced abuse or neglect.
  • Sisters United: Cocoknits is a sustaining supporter of this organization to empower Indigenous women, children, and communities. 
We also love to support fledgling designers or knitting charities through donations of helpful tools.  If you have, or know of, a cause that needs some support, please email us at!