How to Knit Around Corners Using Modified Magic Loop

When using the Cocoknits Method for shoulder shaping, you will need to knit around corners for the first few rows of the yoke. To do this, I use a modified Magic Loop technique. Traditionally, the Magic Loop method is used to work projects of small circumference, such as socks and sleeves, in the round on one long circular needle. With this method, you pull out a loop of cable to divide your stitches, making it possible to knit comfortably around corners.




To work the modified Magic Loop method to maneuver around corners in the projects in this book, use a circular needle that is a minimum of 40'' (100 cm) long with a very soft, malleable cord. (I like to use Addi Click interchangeable needles because the needles connect to the soft cords with a click rather being screwed on.)


Step 1

When you come to the end of one section (in the photo it’s the left front), and need to knit around the corner of the next section (the left sleeve in photo), pull your right (working) needle out of your knitting until you have a long enough length of cord to make a loop.


Step 2

This allows you to continue with your right (working) needle and comfortably knit the stitches of the next section.

After the first few rows, the right angles soften and the yoke transforms from a rectangle to an oval. At this point you will no longer need to pull a loop out, and will be able to work around the curves normally with your circular needle.



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maia Ettlinger

Hi.I am very confused on how to Row 1 and 2 of Section 3. Is there a video on how to do this?


Hi Barb, There are a few variations of knitting left-handed. If you’re continental there should be no difference in the instructions. If you’re a mirror knitter, you could watch the video in a mirror. We have so many video requests and know of so few mirror knitters that making mirror knitting versions of our videos is not something we can do for the foreseeable future. Hope you still find the videos helpful!


Why don’t you give directions for left hand knitters?

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