How to Increase with KLL (Knit through Left Loop)

This method is used anytime a right-leaning increase is required. The increased stitch is created after a knit stitch – or to the left of the stitch, which is a handy way to remember which is which.





After working a knit stitch, identify the stitch 2 rows below the one on your right needle.


Step 1

With your left needle, come from behind to scoop up the left loop of this stitch. This loop on the left needle is the new stitch.


Step 2

Insert the right needle tip through the back loop and knit. 


Completed KLL



Hi Martha,

It depends where you are in the pattern. I believe you may be looking at the increases for the upper back…In which case you knit a stitch before the KLL and PLL and complete the KRL and the PRL with 1 st before the next marker. This is so the increases are even within the Upper Back. When you fill in your worksheet you’ll increase as follows: before a m, KRL, k2; after a m, k2, KLL. At the top of this post there’s a clickable link to a PDF of all increases, it may be helpful for you to print this out and refer to it as you work. :) The link title is “USE THIS PDF TO PRINT ALL INCREASE TUTORIALS”

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at

Martha Bilski

SO for the KLL and PLL you always have to knit the stitch first? and the PRL and PRL you do not? So as to access the third down stitch?
I am a little confused by this. So when following the Emma instructions on the book

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