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Hi Latrilla,

After your swatch is blocked, measure your gauge and find out how many stitches you’ll need for your bust size preference. From there you’ll decide which size to knit and you’ll follow that size’s directions for the entire sweater. If you have any more questions please reach out to us at

Latrilla Boyd

Hello. I came across this KAL a few days ago and bought everything today. I’ve read through most of the Workshop. I’ve started my swatch which is going well. I watched your modifying gauge video and I’m wondering if I’m missing something. In the video you stated follow size 2X when you get to the bust. Would one still cast on for the medium size then switch to the 2X size at the bust then go back to the original medium size?


Hi Cindy, we recommend knitting the Molly, that pattern will accommodate the amount of stitches you need for your yarn weight. If you want it to look more like Emma you can skip the ribbing, hip shaping, and short rows. Hope that helps!


I love how you can customize the patterns and do all the changes based upon St per Inch and the pattern sizes.

I am in the KAL and I am getting 4 st inch using a thinner yarn.

However, my bust size is 42 and I want positive ease. When I do the math: 44 bust size * 4 st per inch / 2 = 88. This is not listed for any sizes on the pattern. The largest size in the Emma pattern is 80 at the paragraph you said to look at in the video.

So what do I do ? Thanks!


Hi Katharina, you’ll follow the entire pattern as written. So if your thinner yarn gives you a gauge that brings you from a M to a 1XL you knit the entire pattern as a 1XL, including the yoke and neckline. The increases and decreases will accommodate to your new gauge!


Hi Leslie, You’ll need the yardage for the size you’re going to knit! For example, if you’re normally a L but bumped up to a 1XL because of gauge, you would follow the yardage requirement for the 1XL even though it will end up fitting as a L.


But what about the yoke and the neckline? When I have decreases or increases e.g. every second round with a thicker yarn I couldn‘t knit is the same way with a thinner yarn.


How do you determine the amount of yarn you need at a different gauge/weight yarn. This video was great at explaining the size change.


We’re so glad! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)


Thank you for this! I love the Emma patterns, but I find the large needle a bit uncomfortable. Now I know how to use any size needle, and any weight yarn.

The Cocoknits method has changed the way I knit!

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