How to Provisional Cast On with Judy’s Magic CO

Judy’s Magic CO is a great provisional cast on method because: 

  • The second set of stitches is left on the needle ready to knit
  • It does not require a crochet chain
  • You don’t need to cut away or unravel scrap yarn

When you are instructed to PCO, it means pairs of stitches. For instance, if the pattern instructs you to PCO 12 sts, that would be 12 stitches onto EACH needle for a total of 24. You will only work the 12 stitches from one needle, leaving the other 12 on hold. When you are ready to knit the other direction, you will return to those 12 held stitches, rejoin yarn, and work seamlessly in the other direction.



Step 1

Hold two needles parallel with right hand


Right = top needle


Left = bottom needle


Step 2

Pull out tail of yarn


Step 3

Hold yarn as for Long Tail Cast On


Step 4

Loop yarn from top finger over bottom needle


Step 5

Loop yarn from bottom finger over top needle


Step 6

Repeat steps 4 & 5

In the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop and Cocoknits Method Extended Collection patterns, this provisional cast on technique is used for the back neck of the Lizzie, Kiki, and Franca collars.

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