How to Customize Your Cocoknits Sweater

We encourage making Cocoknits patterns your own! All of Julie’s patterns, especially Cocoknits Method sweaters, make customization simple. Whether you want to change a neckline or the garment length, add some cables, or add bust darts, our method allows you to easily create a unique look and the best fit.

Here are some resources and inspiration for customizing your Cocoknits garment:

Bust Dart videos: Why & How

Modify Your Gauge

How to Modify for In-between Bust Sizes

#CocoknitsMethod on IG

    We love to see how people personalize their Cocoknits Method projects. If you're on social media please show us your finished masterpiece by tagging us or using the hashtag #Cocoknits or #CocoknitsMethod.



    Hi Ilene,
    There are two ways to do this.
    You can knit it as instructed, then go back and fill in the neckline with ribbing (see the Finishing a V-neck with Ribbing video).
    Or you can fill in the neckline faster. As you mark the increases on your worksheet, count how many increases are called for on each Front, we’ll say it’s 12 inc’s on each Front. Rather than do them every 4th row X times, then every RS row X times, you can do all 12 inc’s every RS row. Your V neckline would be filled in after row 24. Hope that helps!


    I’m beginning the Emma sweater Version A. I have filled out the worksheet. Where do I make the adjustment so that the V front doesn’t come down so low. I woild like to raise it about 1-2 inches about the pattern directions.
    Thank you.


    Hi Sharon, This is Lizzie. It is included in the book Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, available here on the website or at your LYS.


    What is the pattern for the sweater featured in the photo on the “How to Customize your Cocoknits Sweater”? Is it available for purchase?

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