How to Customize Your Cocoknits Sweater

We encourage making Cocoknits patterns your own! All of Julie’s patterns, especially Cocoknits Method sweaters, make customization simple. Whether you want to change a neckline or the garment length, add some cables, or add bust darts, our method allows you to easily create a unique look and the best fit.

Here are some resources and inspiration for customizing your Cocoknits garment:

Bust Dart videos: Why & How

Modify Your Gauge

How to Modify for In-between Bust Sizes

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    We love to see how people personalize their Cocoknits Method projects. If you're on social media please show us your finished masterpiece by tagging us or using the hashtag #Cocoknits or #CocoknitsMethod.



    Hi Deb,
    Here’s how to get the exact neckline height or placement you want. Remember that you will be adding a ribbing which will fill it in ~1" so you may want to take that into consideration and place the raw/unfinished neckline ~1" lower than what you want for finished height.
    You already have the shoulders created and they will be centered on the person’s shoulders – so if you have 3" knitted, 1.5" of that will fall to the Back, 1.5" will fall to the Front. So you aren’t at the top of the shoulder, but probably around 1.5" down the Front already.
    If you want the raw neckline edge to be – say another 1.5" lower – you plug that into your gauge. Molly is 7 rows per inch. So, you’d work the neckline CO in row 11 instead of row 17.
    Or if you want an even higher neckline, you could work the CO in row 7 or 9… You just know that for every 7 rows you work before the neckline CO, you are going to wind up adding an inch to the neckline depth – and plan accordingly. Let us know how it turns out – we’d love to see a picture!

    Deb Curry


    I’m a fan of everything you do. Love your sweater method and all of your tools.

    I’m knitting the Molly sweater with the even hemline for a man and want to raise the neckline. I am using a yarn that will not hold up well to ripping and reknitting, so I would rather not tinker with the adjustments as I go along. I will need to start the neckline shaping earlier, but wondering if you have this process written out so I can just plug it into a worksheet and wager a better shot and getting it right the first time.

    Thank you,

    Deb Curry
    Madison, Wisconsin


    Hi Peggy, You’ll be increasing rather than decreasing for the neckline. After you’ve finished the neckline you work the yoke before joining. :)

    Peggy Foreman

    I am knitting the Emma version A as part of a class at my LKS. One of Julie’s tutorial for our class mentions modifying the neckline by decreasing on every 2nd RS row instead of every 4th RS row.

    Do I join the front work in front when I finished the last front side increase? I’m knitting size large so I think that would be on row 20.


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