Why & How to Use a Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet

The Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet is an integral part of the Cocoknits Method for knitting top-down seamless sweaters. This is the section where the yoke (Fronts, Sleeves, and Back) is shaped from the tops of the shoulders down to the underarms, working all the increases as you go. Rather than a potentially confusing series of "at the same time" instructions, the Worksheet simplifies working the yoke increases by tracking them in a color-coded row-by-row system. It's so easy to follow that you can kick back with a movie and a glass of wine (if that's your thing) while you knit. How does it work? Let us show you...

Recommended Tools


Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

Our book has all the essential know-how to get started on a Cocoknits Method sweater, including a scannable copy of the Worksheet in the back.

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Sweater Worksheet Journal

A book of 24 blank Worksheets so you can keep track of all your Cocoknits Method sweaters in one spot.

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Colorful Stitch Markers

The colors of our stitch markers coordinate with the colored lines of the Worksheet.

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Maker's Board

The fully adjustable panels make reading your Worksheet easier than ever, while the strong magnets included keep small tools, charts, and more at hand while you’re working.

Optional: Add a Ruler & Gauge Set to use as a straight-edge so you can more easily read your Worksheet rows. Both tools have magnets embedded in the back, so they stick to your Maker's Board

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Knitting Row Counter

Click the top button or rotate the side wheels to keep track of your row count. The lock on the side ensures you'll never lose count.

Optional: The metal on the back of the Row Counter will stick to the small magnets of the Maker's Board and the magnetic face of the Maker's Keep, the strap of which can also be used as a straight-edge.

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Using a Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet


The Why


The Worksheet covers the yoke of your Cocoknits Method sweater, from shoulder to bust - shown to the left in gray. This is where all the increases are worked for the sleeves, back, and front.


Instead of tracking a series of "at the same time" increases with tally marks on a scrap of paper, the Worksheet helps you track the yoke increases with a simple line-by-line system that's easy to read.


The How


Each column of the Worksheet indicates a different section of your sweater: Left Front, Left Sleeve, Back, Right Sleeve, and Right Front.


The starting stitch count for each section is written at the top.


The ending stitch count is written at the bottom. This is the total number of stitches you will have at the end of the Worksheet after you have worked all your increases. Draw a line to indicate the number of rows you will be knitting, as indicated in the pattern.


The colored vertical lines on your Worksheet match up with the Colorful Stitch Markers in your knitting, separating each section of your sweater.


Your pattern will tell you to make a certain number of marks in specific areas of your Worksheet. Each +1 (or ✓) mark indicates one increase. On the righthand side of your Worksheet, you'll write which type of increases to work before and after a stitch marker (as indicated by a colored line in your Worksheet).


There are boxes to write other information about your sweater as well: the name, pattern source, size, yarn, needles, gauge, start date, and finish date.


To use the Worksheet you simply read it top to bottom and right to left for right-side rows, and left to right for wrong-side rows, working across each row and following the instructions for increases as you come to them. For the easiest reading experience, we recommend mounting your Worksheet on a Maker's Board and using a Ruler & Gauge Set (or Maker's Keep) as a straight edge. You can keep track of your completed rows by ticking them off with a pencil, or by using our Knitting Row Counter, which will stick to the magnets of the Maker's Board and Maker's Keep.


Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

For a complete explanation of the Cocoknits Method and the Sweater Worksheet (plus 8 sweater patterns), pick up a copy of our book, Cocoknits Sweater Workshop.



Hi Jennifer, we have lots of information from the Mabel Knit-a-Long on our website: at the top of the page, choose KAL, then “Julie’s Mabel.” Look under Weeks 3&4 for resources to help with the worksheet, including a YouTube playlist where Julie talks you through the project, including the worksheet. Good luck and please email us at knit@cocoknits.com if you have more questions.


I need help with Mabel filling out the work sheet. Do you have a completed worksheet online?


Hi Maureen, Looks like you’ve already progressed to Section 3, but if you don’t find what you need in the Julie’s Mabel resources here on the website, please feel free to email us at knit@cocoknits.com, being as specific as you can about the issue you are having. Enjoy your Mabel!

Maureen Watkins

I Bought the Mabel pattern I need some help with section 2…

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