How to Customize a Neckline: Rounded (Cocoknits Method)

With the Cocoknits Method, making modifications to the fit or style of your sweater is as easy as changing a few marks on your Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet. One of the design features you can customize is the depth of your rounded neckline. Want to knit Molly with a crewneck? Or Mabel with a deep U? By moving one instruction on your worksheet to a different row, you can easily achieve your preferred neckline. Watch our tutorial to see how.

How to...


The Pattern

At a certain row in your pattern, you will be instructed to cast on stitches to fill in the neckline. For instance, the June sweater (which Julie is pointing to, left) neckline cast-on takes place in Row 19 and has a deep-U neckline.


Mabel (left) has a high crewneck style neckline, with the neckline cast-on beginning on Row 3.


Deepening or Raising Your Neckline

To deepen your neckline, you would move the neckline cast-ons to a later row on your Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet, adding an even number of extra rows. For instance, to deepen Mabel's neckline, you could move the cast-on from Row 3 to Row 7.

To raise your neckline, you move the cast-on row up the worksheet. To raise June's neckline, you could move the cast-ons from Row 19 up to Row 11.

The number of rows you add or remove depends on your gauge, and how much you wish to deepen or raise your neckline. For instance, if you have a row gauge of 4 rows per inch / 2.5 cm, you would add 4 rows to deepen your neckline by one inch / 2.5 cm.


The marks on the beginning and end of the rows, just after the red marker and before the yellow marker, indicate how many sts past your markers you will work shadow wrap short rows. Move them the same number of rows up or down as you moved your cast-on row.

All other marks on your worksheet will remain where they are.

Patterns with Rounded Necklines



Mabel is a chunky weight pattern with plenty of room for customization.

Mabel pattern page



Molly is a a sophisticated take on a basic sweatshirt.

Molly pattern page



June has the relaxed fit of a comfy tee, with bubble sleeves for an elegant silhouette.

June pattern page



Andie is a classic pullover with added personality: drop shoulders, full sleeves, an oversized fit, and cable increases along the back shoulder.

Andie pattern page



Rosa has snuggly 2x2 rib all over, with a high-low split hem for extra comfort and style.

Rosa pattern page



Natalie has openwork sleeves and a cabled body for a modern twist.

Natalie pattern page



Isabelle is the sister pattern to Natalie (above), knit extra long and sleeveless while also having openwork sides and a cabled body.

Isabelle pattern page

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