Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet

Managing multiple increase instructions can make even the most experienced knitter's head spin. The Cocoknits Worksheet solves this problem. It's a visual tracking system that color coordinates each section of the sweater with our colorful stitch markers, making increases as simple as they could be. After you fill out the worksheet, you'll be cruising on your project. You'll be able to grab a glass of wine (if that's your thing), kick back on the couch, and watch your sweater start to take shape. In this article we're giving you an overview of how the Worksheet works, a few helpful tips, a recommended tool list, and a couple resources for more information. 
Click here for a video explanation from Julie.

All The Things...



At the end of Section 3 you should have placed 6 colorful stitch markers to separate each section of your sweater. These stitch markers correspond with the colored vertical lines on the columns of the Cocoknits Worksheet. Each color borders sections of your sweater: left front, left sleeve, back, right sleeve, and right front.

Now that you're familiar with the layout, the pattern will direct how to fill out your worksheet. For each increase, add a plus or check mark (+1). You can see an example of a completed sheet here. Now that it's filled out, rather than juggling multiple increases in your head, it's all easy to see, line by line. 




  • You can find one Cocoknits Worksheet at the back of the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop and one at the end of each pattern. If you need another page we recommend purchasing our Sweater Worksheet Journal. Photocopying often doesn't work well because of the thin lines. You may also take a photo of the worksheet to print.
  • If you need more rows to fill out your worksheet, simply continue on to a new page. 
  • Future project: you can also use Cocoknits Worksheets to plan out any other seamless yoked sweater patterns to simplify multiple-increase patterns.


  • A pencil with a good eraser. Mistakes happen to the best of us and pens are not as forgiving. 
  • Maker's Board (Optional: to keep track of which row you're working on.)
  • Maker's Keep (Optional: lay it flat and slide the magnetic square over to an edge. Use it as a reading guide to keep clear which line of the pattern you’re working on.)
  • Knitting Row Counter (Optional: to keep track of progress.)
  • Sweater Worksheet Journal (Optional: for extra sheets and so all your Worksheets are saved in one place.)



Next Steps

Once finished with the information above and done knitting the yoke of your sweater, you can continue moving forward with content guiding you through a Cocoknits Method sweater with our EVERLASTING KAL PAGE. If you're signed up for our emails, you'll receive a new email in two weeks with tips for the sleeves and body including last minute shaping and playing with length. 

If you don't know about it, our Everlasting KAL is our knit-a-long that's going on well...forever! You can join by yourself, with friends, or with an LYS. Best part? You get to pick what sweater to knit. Learn more by visiting the EVERLASTING KAL PAGE



Hi Holly, that is wonderful to hear! Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

Holly Wahlstrom

I am on my third Cocoknits project! So far, all three fit like a dream. With each project the process becomes more intuitive and interesting! As I work through learning this terrific method of construction, I’m adding to my Cocoknits tools and notions. I love the quality and the thoughtfulness of each designed tool. I’ve been knitting for almost 60 years, and this construction method is really exciting and fun! My book is looking well worn, and I am so happy with the beautiful packages of useful tools to use as I knit. I can’t thank Julie and her team enough!


Hi Paula, Please email us at so we can figure this out.

Paula Cooley

For some reason email to log in to complete a purchase will not come through. Something I’m doing with regard to password is making it impossible to check out and pay. Other emails from you have come through w/o a hitch

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