Finishing Techniques & Sweater Blocking

Binding off isn't the end of creating your sweater. Finishing and blocking are simple but vital steps to ensure that your final project looks as perfect as you dreamed. We have tutorials to help with everything from adding a ribbed neckline to seaming the underarms to wet blocking. Whether you feel confident in your finishing skills or feel like you need to master the basics, we have useful tips and tricks for you! Get ready to fall in love with your project even more.

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Finishing Techniques

  • We recommend seaming and weaving in ends prior to blocking
  • We think the cleanest way to weave in ends is the duplicate stitch. You can find directions on page 134 of the COCOKNITS SWEATER WORKSHOP or watch this video: How to Work in Ends with Duplicate Stitch.
  • For most Cocoknits Method sweaters you'll only need to seam your underarm stitches - super quick! Learn our preferred method: How to Seam an Underarm using False Graft, also found on page 130 (of COCOKNITS SWEATER WORKSHOP).
  • We enjoy using our Tapestry Needles for weaving in ends because they have a bent tip, making it easy for the needle to slide under and through stitches. Try our Yarn Snip for a conveniently compact scissor-like option that makes the most delightful "snip, snip" sound when you trim yarn.  
  • If you haven't already, it's time to seam your Collar (if your pattern has one, of course)! Julie's preference for this is essentially a modified version of the Blind Stitch/Mattress Stitch for a vertical to horizontal seam. While it's quite simple, using the two stitches in one seam can be a little discombobulating, so this video will help orient you: How to Join a Vertical to Horizontal Seam. (If you didn't do the Provisional Cast-On, you'll also seam the back cast-ons together with the FALSE GRAFT technique.)



Blocking Tricks

  • Get a blocking 101 with our knit tutorial: How to Wet Block. This article is filled with a bunch of tricks to make the most of our blocking tools. 
  • Are you accustomed to rigging together your own blocking kit with old towels, an assortment of pins, and laying your garment on the floor? Our Knitter's Block Kit and Sweater Care Collection will be absolutely transformative for you! Everything you'll need can be conveniently packed in a jute bag. Blocking is so much easier with a system in place and that's exactly what you'll get with these tools.

Next Steps

Hooray - you did it! Your Cocoknits sweater is complete. If you were knitting with the EVERLASTING KAL you'll receive a final email in two weeks to follow up on your journey. We hope you enjoyed it and decide to join us again. 

If you don't know about it, our Everlasting KAL is our knit-a-long that's going on well...forever! You can join by yourself, with friends, or with an LYS. Best part? You get to pick what sweater to knit. Learn more by visiting the EVERLASTING KAL PAGE

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