How to Work Sections 1-3 of the Cocoknits Method

It's time for the magic of the Cocoknits Method to begin. In sections 1-3 you'll be creating that signature 3-dimensional and oh-so-comfy shoulder that's the trademark of Julie's designs. If this is your first time knitting Cocoknits Method, it's very likely that this part of the sweater construction is going to be much different than any sweater you've knit before. But trust us, you're in for a treat. 

In this article, we're walking you through all the techniques you need to successfully complete the beginning of your Cocoknits Method sweater. We include an overview of the construction, a to-do list, a recommended tool list, and helpful tutorials. Make sure you have Julie's book, Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, all page numbers below refer to this book.

All The Things...


An Overview of Construction

Section 1: Stitches are cast on for the Back Neck and increases worked to create the Upper Back. When finished, this section will look like a symmetrical trapezoid. 

Section 2: Stitches are picked up from the sloped sides of the Upper Back to create the right and left Shoulders, which are then worked.

Section 3: Stitches are worked around to unite all sections. This is also where you will place Cocoknits Colorful Stitch Markers to delineate each part of the sweater yoke.


To-Do List




Next Steps

Once finished with the information above, you can continue moving forward with content guiding you through a Cocoknits Method sweater with our Everlasting KAL page. If you're signed up for our emails, you'll receive a new email in one week all about Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet

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Hi Claudia, So glad you are enjoying your Mabel! While we don’t have a no-photo pdf, when we print for ourselves, we print just the pages with few or no pictures, then copy and paste text from a page with pictures into another document, then print that document out. Hope that helps!


Hi! New here and absolutely loving this!
Question. Is there a way to print the pattern without the photos? I bought the Mabel patter and I want to print the instructions but the photos are using up all of my ink… Thanks!

Jan Strycker

Me again. I just watched the video and I think I get it😀

Jan Strycker

What method do you use to add more than one stitch “after the yellow marker”? Mabel


Hi Susan, The information about casting on for the neckline is on page 100. It sounds like you would benefit from reading pages 12-37 for basic information about the Cocoknits Method. If this is your first time knitting a Cocoknits Method sweater, Molly might not be the best pattern. You might want to start with one of the earlier patterns in the book, like Emma or Tillie. Please feel free to email us at if you need more help. Good luck!

Susan Tupper


I’m planning to knit the Molly sweater, but am confused about seams. Do I start knitting in the round at some point as I see no mention of joining the sweater together anywhere. Also, I see no evidence of seams at the front or back. And also nothing about seaming on the finishing instructions. It would be so helpful if I could see a picture of the garment as it progresses.


Hi Marilyn, the slipped stitch edges will always be the finished, or outside, edge of the piece. They are not meant to be seamed. So in this case, the slipped stitch edges will be along the top of the neck, while the regular garter selvedge will be the part sewed into the neckline.


Could you provide some close up photos showing which edge to line up for the garter stitch collar? I can’t find any photos or mention in the book, the blog, or this video about whether the slip stitch edge is intended to become the seamed edge or not. I followed directions for the right collar and it looks like my slip stitch edge will become the edge of the collar/button band, and the seaming will occur along the raw garter edge. But I have a terrible feeling that’s not correct. I need pictures or a really clear explanation. Please help. Thanks!


Hi Mary, Check p. 7 in your pattern. It has a link to Julie’s “How to Provisional Cast On with Judy’s Magic CO” tutorial under Learn/Knit Tutorials on the menu above. Also see the tutorial “How to Work a Collar with The Cocoknits Method,” also under Knit Tutorials. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you have. Enjoy your sweater!

Mary G Dowd

Directions for sweater say provisional CO – casting stitches onto two needles – I do not see that addressed here.
I have the book but…it does not help! NO idea how to do this CO – use one circular needle…? Use two…?

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