Cocoknits Method Knit-a-Long: Emma Version A/B

Welcome to Cocoknits first ever knit-a-long! Going on now through April 10th 2020, we'll be knitting the Emma together (you get to choose Version A or Version B). This pattern is exclusively available in the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, and is a great first Cocoknits Method pattern to try. But if you've already tried the Cocoknits Method and want something a little more challenging, we'd love to have you join us too. Feel free to add cables, stitch patterns, colorwork, whatever you need to make it a fun knit for matter how much you customize, if you started from the base of an Emma Version A or B, we're happy to have you in our KAL. Plus, we'd love you to share your tips, tricks, and modifications with the rest of the group!

Keep reading to learn how to join, about the grand prize, and the timeline....

Cocoknits Sweaters Emma A/B

Choose to Knit Emma (Version A) or Emma (Version B)

How to Sign Up: 

Please reach out to your Local Yarn Store to see if they are participating in this Knit-a-Long first. We have a list of stores that are hosting this KAL below. 

Whether you're joining us solo or with a yarn shop, we encourage you to sign up for our KAL emails. Every week or two we'll send you an email letting you know the next steps, tips and tricks with your sweater, and answer popular customer questions. If you're late to the knit-a-long and didn't receive an email in time, it's all good! We'll add them to this page, in the timeline section below, after the email has been sent, so you can catch up



- Cocoknits Sweater Workshop (includes even more detailed instructions and the following patterns: EMMA VERSION A, EMMA VERSION B, EMMA VERSION C, LIZZIE, MOLLY (TWO VERSIONS), TALLULAH, TILDA.

- Colorful Stitch Markers (all colorful stitch markers have the 6 colors you'll need: yellow, violet, blue, orange, green, red)

- Stitch Holder Kit (or scrap yarn to hold stitches)

- Knitting Row Counter (optional)

- Bulky weight yarn. Approximately 700 (800, 950, 1100, 1250, 1400) yds for long sleeves. 

- Needles:

- US 11 / 8 mm (or size needed to obtain gauge) circular needle 40" / 100 cm or longer for all versions, plus 24 –36" / 60–90 cm for Versions A and B.
- US 7 / 4.5 mm needles for working BO
- US 0–3 / 2–3.25 mm double-pointed needle or any length circular needle (for picking up stitches)

About Our Promotion: 

Our promotion for this Knit-a-Long: Order a Cocoknits Sweater Workshop and receive 1 set of free stitch markers (Flight of Stitch Markers excluded). Already have the book? Purchase the Project Portfolio and receive 1 set of free stitch markers (Flight of Stitch Markers excluded). Please note, the book is a requirement to receive the pattern!

How to get the promotion code: This promotion is over, it finished April 10th, 2020.

Where Do I Post? 

We encourage you to post your work-in-progress and final pictures to Instagram or Facebook. As long as you tag us, you'll be considered for the grand prize! Please use the hashtag #cocoknitskal so your fellow knitters can see your gorgeous work. If you also use the hashtag #cocoknitsmethod on Instagram you'll also be considered for our monthly $100 gift card winner. 

If you have questions that you think would be helpful for the whole group, feel free to write a comment at the end of this page. You may also reach out through email at 

The Grand Prize: 

At the end of the Knit-a-Long we will select someone to win the Knitter’s Block and Sweater Care Kit! In order to be selected, all you need to do is post a picture of your work-in-progress or final picture to Instagram or Facebook. Don't forget to join the community by using the hashtag #cocoknitskal

Please note, the Grand Prize has already been won! See our last email below to learn about the winner. 

What If I Sign Up Late? 

No worries! Our promotion will be active through April 10th, and as long as you post a work in progress picture to social before that date you'll still be considered for the grand prize! All emails that you missed will be accessible below in the timeline section. 



Week 1: January 31st - February 6th

Prep Week! 

View Week 1 Email Here



  • Get inspired by reading pages 39-48 of the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. These pages will give guidance on colorwork and shaping to customize for your preferences.
  • Julie is posting about her KAL project on our Instagram stories, watch them here.
  • Start planning for modifications, read pages 108-109 of the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop for guidance. Here are some helpful articles to read/videos to watch about modifications:

Week 2: February 7th - 13th

Pattern Sections 1-3. 

View Week 2 Email Here



Weeks 3 & 4: February 14th - 27th

Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet. 

View Week 3-4 Email Here



Weeks 5 & 6: February 28th - March 12th

Sleeves & Body. 

View Week 5-6 Email Here



Weeks 7 & 8: March 13th - 26th

Finishing & Blocking. 

View Week 7-8 Email Here



Weeks 9 & 10: March 27th - April 9th

You Got This! Finish & Share. 

View Week 9-10 Email Here



Finito! April 10th

Grand Prize Winner Announced! Thanks For Joining Our KAL. 

View Our Final Email Here.

The winner is...Ellie from the Town of Bell!


Local Yarn Shops That Are Participating





Hi Teri, yes that’s correct. Follow the “before a purl stitch” instructions on page 129. There will be some curling because the pattern is stockinette, you can see this in our pattern photos. Of course, the curling will flatten quite a bit after being wet blocked. If you’d like even less curl you could add ribbing or a couple of rows of garter. Hope that helps!


i am ready to bind off the bottom of Emma. page 68, bottom of page, “BO purlwise using Jeny’s stretchy bind-off.”
sooooo…… i followed the directions on page 129, “before a purl stitch”. 0n the right(knit) side showing, i purled, wrapped, etc. is this correct? the edge is curling to the right side of the garment.


Thanks for catching that Anne, it’s updated :)


Hello, For Week 5-6 there is a link labeled “How to Use Magic Loop for Sleeves” and it takes me to the Worksheet page instead. Can you fix please? Thank you!


Hi Debbie, We think it would look great with matching ribbing at the bottom, but it’s all about your personal style and preference. We definitely recommend ribbing or a contrasting stitch for the neckline. It will make it look more intentional and tidy. :)

Debbie Bolt

Hi there—
I’m finished and the sweater fits as I wanted it to, except the V neckline is way too large. As per the suggestion on the last email, I have picked up stitches to create a ribbed band, but now I’m wondering if I should rip out the cast off on the body and put a bit of ribbing there too. Thoughts? Could I do something other than ribbing around the neck? I have to bring it in a fair amount and I want it to look consistent which it does when you don’t have to put a neckline on it…


Hi Kathi L.

Could you send us an email at – Please provide what size you are knitting and a little more detail on what is causing confusion about filling out the right and left front neckline so we can help. You will increase at the beginning and end of rows, just after the red m and before the yellow m.

For casting on the 18 stitches, I’m wondering if you mean the 8 for the underarm? If so, we explain this technique on page 115 of the book, we also have a video of it on our website here.



Hi Heidi, we don’t provide recommended ease because it all comes down to personal preference. It’s really up to you and what is most comfortable for you. Hope that helps!

Kathi L.

I’m filling out the worksheet for Emma B in medium and I can’t figure out how to enter the numbers for the right and left front neckline. I also don’t know how to CO the 18 stitches at both ends. Basically I feel frozen at this point. Thanks


I have a question about sizing. Should we go with our actual size or close to actual size for the finished measurements or is this intended to be worn with a certain amount of ease?


Hi Dawn,

The armhole depth is half of the rows for shoulders (created in section II, 14 rows for your size, so count 7 of them) plus all of the rows for the worksheet (for your size, that’s 2 set-up rows plus 34 for worksheet) for a total of 41) / your gauge. The final ease comes from the underarm CO after the yoke is complete and the fact that everything is going to stretch just a bit- so that’s built that into the patterns. Have you watched this video? It may help:


Anna – unfortunately we don’t have this properly translated to Italian, but we have a list of helpful resources if you’d like to try to translate it yourself. You can find the list on our Knit Tutorial “How to Translate Knitting Patterns”




I just started the Emma A for the kal and just finished the upper back. I do have a question although it is jumping forward a bit. I noticed that the arm hole for my size is 9.5 inches which would make the number of rows in that section at 42.75. This is given the stated row gauge of 18 rows per 4 inches. However, when I look at the written pattern, I noticed that the rows in that section actually equal 37 That is the rows in the yoke in the worksheet which is 34 Plus the additional 13 rows that are in the upper sleeve.

Can you help me understand the discrepancy?

I’m asking the question because my row gauge is 21 rows per 4 inches and I need to tweak the pattern so I can get the right size arm hole.

Anna MOro

È possibile in italiano? Grazie Anna

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