Working the Cocoknits Method Collar

Picking up endless stitches for a button band/collar is a thing of the past with the Cocoknits Method Collar. Rather than adding this finishing touch once your cardigan is complete, it's knit at the same time as the rest of the sweater. You'll cast on right after you complete the Upper Back and integrate the Collar with the rest of the sweater after picking up the Shoulder stitches. Oh yeah, it's also nearly seamless. 

However lovely this technique is, it may pose a challenge the first time you knit it because it can be difficult to visualize. But don't you worry, this article has everything you need so that knitting your first Cocoknits Method Collar will feel less like a puzzle and more like a no-brainer. 


All The Things...


The Answer to All Your Questions

Instructions to complete the Collar will be included in your pattern; however, the challenging part of this technique is typically just visualizing how it works. Thankfully Julie made a knit tutorial with a video and step-by-step instructions that should clear up any confusion you have about this step. Watch the How to Work a Collar with the Cocoknits Method for the answer to all your questions.



To Seam or Not to Seam?

You've got choices for seaming: 

  1. You can choose to do a Provisional Cast-On for the Collar, or you can do whatever other Cast-On you prefer. If you don't do the Provisional Cast-On, you'll simply have an additional seam up the back of the Collar. You'll seam this with the False Graft technique. 
  2. You can seam the Collar now or once your cardigan is complete. You'll need to Join a Vertical to Horizontal Seam. If you choose to wait, you may want to refer to the resource list below then (if you're participating in the Everlasting KAL this will be during weeks 7-8 Finishing & Blocking). 


-Claw Clips These tools are small but mighty. We recommend using them to align the Collar and to securely hold it in place until ready for seaming.  
-Tapestry Needles If seaming now, our Tapestry Needles may become your newest must-have for weaving in ends. It has a bent-tip design so it slides under and through stitches with ease. The tip is just the right amount of pointiness - not too sharp, not too blunt. 


Next Steps

Once finished with the information above, you can continue moving forward with content guiding you through a Cocoknits Method sweater on our Everlasting KAL page. If you're signed up for our emails, you'll receive a new email in one week all about Filling out the Cocoknits Worksheet

If you don't know about it, our Everlasting KAL is our knit-a-long that's going on well...forever! You can join by yourself, with friends, or with an LYS. Best part? You get to pick what sweater to knit. Learn more by visiting the Everlasting KAL page



Hi Victoria, So glad you find these videos helpful! They will be on our website permanently. Also see the other videos associated with the Everlasting KAL (under KAL on top menu) and Julie’s Toni (“Julie’s Toni” article under Learn>Making on the top menu). Enjoy!

victoria saracen

hi, i am a visual learner, are you going to leave the videos up on you tube or anywhere so that i can visit them? it take s me several times of doing a lesson in order to retain it that’s why i was hoping t see the video of julie’s doing her sweater at the start. also i’m late starting the sweater because i was finishing a different sweater, with raglan sleeves top down. really want to learn julie’s method.

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