Tip for Working a Purl Through the Right Loop

In this tutorial Julie teaches you a different way to work a PRL (purl through the right loop). This is a right-leaning increase that happens at the end of the row in the Cocoknits Method. As you work the Upper Back of your garment, you increase one stitch before the last marker on the wrong side by purling through the back of the right loop below a stitch. Here's an alternative to try which you may find easier!

For other increase tutorials, see: KLL, KRL, PLL, PRL.

How to Work a PRL Alternative


Pick Up Purl Bump

With your right needle, from the bottom front, come up through the head of the purl bump just below the live stitch on your left needle.


Twist the Stitch Onto Left Needle

This is where things get different. You'll twist the stitch onto your left needle by bringing your left needle forward to pick up the front of the purl bump and pass it from your right to left needle. 

(This differs from the standard instructions where you would simply place the bump on the left needle without twisting. By twisting the stitch now you get to skip the final step of purling through the back loop. Curious about what a standard PRL looks like? Watch the tutorial here.) 



Now all you have to do is purl your stitch and you've completed the PRL alternative! It looks exactly the same, but we think it's just a bit easier. Try it out with one of our Cocoknits Method patterns for your next project! 😉



Hi Gabrielle, Yes, it is an increase. We have a tutorial for the purl through right loop increase (PRL) here as well. This hint gives a way that many people find easier to work it than the standard way. Hope that helps!

Gabrielle Wicklow

Doesn’t that create an extra stitch?

Very good tutoriels merc
Fey Heim

I will do it this way from now on!

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