How to Pick-up Stitches Around a Neckline

Use Button-band pick up for vertical edge, use this method along BO or CO edges, such as center Front and Back of pullover. 

Use a skinny circular needle (I prefer a size US 0 / 2 mm 40" [100 cm] circular needle) to pick up stitches around a neckline. First pick up the stitches as described. Then count your stitches and figure out if you need to add or subtract stitches to reach the stitch count given in the pattern. Now join yarn and knit one row on right side off of your skinny needle and onto your called-for needle size. As you knit, pick up or knit together stitches to obtain correct stitch count. Begin any pattern stitch on the next/wrong side row or round.

Along a Cast-On


Step 1

Find the Vs of the stitches just below the cast-on and insert your skinny circular needle into one arm of each V. I usually come from behind and scoop up the right “arm” from each right-side up V moving from right to left. When you come around to knit them, knit each arm as if it were a stitch.


Step 2

Shown here are the right “arms” of each of the picked-up stitches. Knit these stitches with your working needle.


Mary Casey

This is an incredibly great idea!

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