How to Bind Off in the Round Without a Jog

If you've ever bound off in the round - for a cuff, hem, neckline, cowl, hat, or something else - you may have noticed a little gap between the start and end of your bind-off. A minor detail, for sure - but we think a truly tailored look is all about the little things! For a smooth, jogless edge, all you need is a tapestry needle and a few seconds.

Recommended Tools


Tapestry Needle

The bent tip easily slides between and through stitches, and the nickel-plated steel will stick to the magnet of a MAKER'S KEEP.



Yarn Snip

To trim off yarn ends when you're done.


How To...


Bind Off

Julie likes to use Jeny's Stretchy Bind-off, but this technique will also work for a standard bind-off. Once you've finished binding off, leave a few inches of yarn tail.


Thread Your Tapestry Needle

Thread your yarn tail onto a tapestry needle. Identify the chain of V's that run along the top edge of your bind-off - notice that your yarn tail is coming out of the center of the very last V.

To close the gap (or "jog"), we'll be making a new V that connects the first with the last.


Insert Needle Through the First V

Find the very first V, which is to the left of the gap. Insert your tapestry needle underneath both legs of the V, from the bottom.


Pull Through

Pull your yarn through. Don't pull too tight - you want the tension to match the other V's in the chain.


Insert Needle Back Through Last V

Insert your tapestry needle back into the center of the last V, where your yarn tail originally emerged.


Pull Through

Pull your yarn through so that your new V matches the rest.


Finish As Normal

All done! Now you can finish as you normally would. Weave in your yarn tail (we recommend Duplicate Stitch) and trim.



Thank you for such a clear explanation.

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