How to Knit an Invisible I-Cord Cast On

The Milli Kerchief is knit from the center point up and trimmed all around with an i-cord edge. You have the "Easier Option" of casting on 4 stitches with your preferred CO, or, to achieve the neatest look possible, try Julie's Invisible I-Cord Cast On. It creates a smooth, unbroken i-cord that bends seamlessly around the corner of the point. The cast on itself looks "invisible!" There are a few simple steps involved - watch our tutorial to see how it's done.

For instructions on how to work a standard i-cord cast on, click here.



Orient your Needles and Yarn

With your right hand, hold the tips of your circular needle parallel, pointing left.

With your left hand, hold your yarn the same way you would for a Long Tail CO - wrapped around thumb and forefinger, but with the tail at the back.


Use Judy's Magic CO

Using Judy's Magic Cast On, provisionally CO 2 sts - you’ll have 2 sts on each needle tip (4 st total).


Rotate Needles

Rotate needles to point right, keeping smooth right side facing front. The tail and live yarn will be on the top needle.


Pull Out a Loop

Using the Magic Loop method, pull out a loop with the “bottom” needle.



Knit 2 from the “top” needle.



Slip these 2 sts back to the left needle.


Repeat once

Repeat these last two steps once:

  • K2 from top needle
  • Sl2 back onto left needle

2 sts on the left needle, 2 held on the “bottom” needle.


Pull Out Top Needle

Pull out the top/left needle, sliding all 4 sts together to the other tip, which becomes the left needle.


All Set!

You are now ready to knit with the RS facing on the left needle. 

If you're knitting a Milli Kerchief, continue with the instructions starting with Row 1.


A Beautiful I-Cord Corner

The i-cord along the cast-on point of your project now wraps around smoothly.

Pattern that Uses Invisible I-Cord Cast On


Milli Kerchief

A simple triangle bandana with a special tailored detail: the ties are made using Short Rows, which create a curved shape that wraps more comfortably around the neck - not to mention saving a lot of yardage and knitting time!

Milli Kerchief Pattern Page

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