A Look Inside the Project Wallet

In the past when Julie traveled with a knitting project, she was often frustrated to realize she'd left a vital tool back at home. She wanted an easier way to make sure she had everything needed for a specific project: something that kept her tools organized while also being lightweight and durable, roomy but compact, and allowing quick access to whatever she was looking for.

After hand-sewing many prototypes, she eventually perfected the Project Wallet. Just read down the tool list at the beginning of your pattern, grab what you need, and fill it up! Here are a few of our favorite features:

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Some Details We Love


11 Pockets

Don't let the slim size fool you: the Project Wallet has a whopping 11 pockets: 5 large, 2 medium, and 4 small. Also included are three removable tab folders, which you can lift up to access your tiniest tools without having to dig around the bottom of the pocket.

The accordion style expands when filled so the Project Wallet can easily stand up on it's own, making it much easier to quickly access tools while working.


Kraft Paper Fabric

If you're familiar with our other accessories, you know we're fans of kraft paper fabric. And for good reason! It's lightweight, durable, machine washable, and softens beautifully over time.


Corozo Button & Waxed Cotton String

We do our best to use eco-friendly materials, so we fell in love when we found these corozo buttons. They're known as "vegan ivory" and are made from the seeds of the tagua tree, which are only harvested after they have naturally fallen.

We paired it with a waxed cotton string, which wraps around the button to keep the Project Wallet securely closed.


Two Color Options

Our Project Wallet is available in two classic colors: Kraft Brown and Gray. Find them here, or at your local yarn shop.

Other Cocoknits Tools Seen Here...


Tape Measure

Our Tape Measure is made with eco-friendly biodegradable PLA and has a 78" (2 m) metal tape. The smooth body easily slides in and out of pockets like those in the Project Wallet.

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Stitch Fixer

Dropped a stitch? No stress. The hooks of our double-ended Stitch Fixer will pick them right back up. Only 4" (10 cm) long so it will fit in the the shorter pockets of the Project Wallet, and it's made of 100% nickel-plated steel so it will stick to magnets.

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Emery Boards

These handy little files come in a colorful pack of 6, so you can keep one in every pouch and pocket. Use them to smooth wooden needles, file down a snagging fingernail, sharpen a note-taking pencil, and more.

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Leather Cord & Needle Stitch Holder Kit

Screw the nickel-plated steel needle tip onto the natural leather cord and slide it through any stitches you need to put on hold (click here to see how). Comes with two needles and three cords.

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Maker's Clips

These silicone bands have magnets embedded into both ends, so the can clip together and cling to metal surfaces and tools. The simple design is versatile: use them to hold stitch markers, tidy up cords, mark your place in a book, and so much more.

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Yarn Snip

Every kit needs a nice pair of snips! Our Yarn Snips are made of forged iron and the design is inspired by traditional sheep shears. They're a little different from typical scissors - click here for tips on how to use them.

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Row Counter

Never lose track of your rows with this handy Row Counter. The button at the top advances your count with a satisfying click, or you can rotate the wheels on the side. It has a sliding lock to prevent accidental clicks, and a metal backing that sticks to magnets.

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Stitch Markers

All of our stitch markers are made with steel, so they're sturdy and stick to magnets. We offer a variety of shapes and colors, so you can pick the best style for your project.

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Colorful Magnet Set

In the video above, Julie uses one of the small button magnets from her Maker's Board to hold her stitch markers together inside the Project Wallet. You can do this with any small magnet, like those in our Colorful Magnet Set; each magnet is .75" (2 cm) in diameter and made with biodegradable PLA.

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Tapestry Needles

When it's time to weave in those ends, you'll want a good tapestry needle handy. Ours come in a pack of four, are made with nickel-plated steel, and have bent tips that navigate stitches easily.

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Kraft Caddy

The Project Wallet is compact enough to fit in just about any project bag. Julie likes to bring it along with her Kraft Caddy, which has 12 pockets and is made of lightweight and machine washable kraft paper fabric. Seen here paired with our short Leather Handle Kit (sold separately).

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Four Corner Bag

Did you catch that beautiful linen fabric in Julie's Kraft Caddy? That's the Four Corner Bag, which is square bottomed, machine washable, and perfect for toting around everything from knitting projects to pie plates. (Leather Handles sold separately.)

Want to make your own? The Leather Handles (sold separately) include instructions for sewing your own, or you can knit one of three styles included with our Knitted Four Corner Bag pattern.

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Hi Catherine, So glad you like the wallet—we do too!
The sweater Julie is wearing is Lucia, knit in Malabrigo Rasta. Definitely will keep you warm! Enjoy!

Catherine Martin

This wallet looks irresistible! Two things, not really on the subject: (1) It is so very very nice to see knitters’ hands without long, polished fingernails! and (2) would you be willing to say what the pattern and yarn are for the sweater sleeves shown in the video? I am warmer this morning just looking at them.
Thanks —

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