How to Use Your Stitch Holder Kit



Hi Laura,

We’re so glad you like your new leather stitch cord holder. Julie runs cords that are stiff or too prickly across an emery board, which will soften and smooth even while you still have stitches on hold. Once you’ve finished using it, you can condition the leather whatever way you find convenient. If you still find it isn’t smooth and easy to use when you go with the grain of the leather, please email us at so we can help.

Laura MacPherson

I love my new leather cord stitch holder kit. But I wish I had treated it with thread gloss before using.
Totally my mistake for not remembering/reviewing instructions.
May I suggest in your written directions; How to Use Your Stitch Holder Kit,
Print in Bold “It is recommended to treat leather cord with a thread gloss”.


It seems like a lot of people have trouble getting the needle on for the first time. I suggest that the kit is sold with the needle attached then it should be easily removed and replaced.


Hi Marisa,
The diameter is 2.75 mm, equal to a US size 2 needle. Hope that helps!

Marisa G

How large is the diameter of the needle?


Hi Barbara, Thanks for contacting us with your question. We find that when we are removing the needle from the leather cord, we pinch the leather cord right up at the edge of the needle, and that allows us to unscrew without damaging the cord. Once you get it off, be sure to snip the cord on an angle for the next time you use it. Please email us at and we will help you with it.


My issue is removing the thread from the needle. Perhaps I was too aggressive when I screwed it in. Now it won’t budge. I’ve been turning the needle, holding firmly to the cord as directed. But the cord just twists with the needle. It has already started to fray. I’m concerned that it will break off and I’ll be left with a useless needle. I did not buy my set directly from this site, but was hoping for advice. Thank you


Hi Jayme, Thank you for the feedback. The leather cords definitely have a grain to them which will affect how they move through your stitches. To find the grain direction, run your fingers over the cord in one direction and then the other direction. If you are going against the grain it will feel a little prickly. If you’re going with the grain it may feel a little bumpy but still smoother and not prickly.
Just like hands, leather can get dry & needs moisturizing. We suggest, if needed, treat the cord with thread magic or another thread conditioner to keep your cords smooth and limber.
If you are still unhappy after reading these tips and information, please email us at We want everyone to love their Cocoknits tools and accessories. They are meant to help you delight in the making, not add frustration.


I was hoping to leave a review of the actual product, but this will suffice. The kit doesn’t work. While good theory, the design and materials just don’t work. Yarn catches on the cord; any fiber. One cannot easily slide the leather cord through stitches. I have tried several times and am always disappointed. The traditional needle and scrap yarn work much better! Another more experienced knitter had tried this as well and said the same.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We emailed you a week ago offering to refund you and let you keep the product. We have not received a reply from you yet. If there is some other way you’d like us to resolve this issue, please let us know.


I couldn’t get the needle to screw on either. But that wasn’t the only problem I had with this product. When I contacted Cocoknits. I was told I couldn’t return the product because I followed the advice in the video. My first problem was I could not get the needle on the cord. So, I followed the advice in the video & cut the tip off the cord off at an angle. I could then get the needle on the cord. But no matter how many times I tried to screw the needle onto the cord. The needle WILL NOT stay on the cord! When I contacted customer service I was told since I had researched the product. I knew what I was buying. They offered no help! I’m not telling you not to buy products from Cocoknits. But just know if you have problems with a product you buy from them. Their customer service department will likely be little to no help!


Hi Anne,
If the instructions in the video don’t help, please email us at with the particular problem you are having.


Cannot get needles to screw on?

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