How to Use Your Stitch Holder Kit



Thank you for sharing your experience. We emailed you a week ago offering to refund you and let you keep the product. We have not received a reply from you yet. If there is some other way you’d like us to resolve this issue, please let us know.


I couldn’t get the needle to screw on either. But that wasn’t the only problem I had with this product. When I contacted Cocoknits. I was told I couldn’t return the product because I followed the advice in the video. My first problem was I could not get the needle on the cord. So, I followed the advice in the video & cut the tip off the cord off at an angle. I could then get the needle on the cord. But no matter how many times I tried to screw the needle onto the cord. The needle WILL NOT stay on the cord! When I contacted customer service I was told since I had researched the product. I knew what I was buying. They offered no help! I’m not telling you not to buy products from Cocoknits. But just know if you have problems with a product you buy from them. Their customer service department will likely be little to no help!


Hi Anne,
If the instructions in the video don’t help, please email us at with the particular problem you are having.


Cannot get needles to screw on?

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