Our Favorite Ways to Use the Magnetic Maker’s Clip

The Maker's Clip design is simple: a flexible silicone band with strong magnets encased in both ends. This is precisely what makes it so versatile! Use it as a tool holder, cord tie, bookmark, chip clip - the possibilities are endless. Though we're always finding new situations where this multi-use marvel comes in handy, we've narrowed down a few of our favorite uses (so far).

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How We Use It...


Hold a Pencil on the Maker's Board

Always have a note-taking pencil at hand! Clamp the Maker's Clip onto the edge of the Maker's Board and slide the pencil into the band. The silicone band will easily grip the pencil in place.

This will work for holding a pencil to other metal surfaces as well, like a fridge door.


Keep Stitch Markers on a Project Bag

Those little stitch markers sure do get lost easily. Well not anymore! Keep them together in one place - clip it to the pocket or edge of a bag (like the Natural Mesh Bag) and stick metal stitch markers onto the magnets.

All of our stitch markers are made of coated steel, which will stick to magnets.


Use as a Bookmark

Mark your spot in a book, like the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. It won't slip out the way a paper bookmark might, and the magnets are strong enough to hold 15+ pages.


Anchor a Row Counter on a Pattern

No more digging around for a row counter while you knit through a Worksheet or chart. Our Row Counter has a steel backing, so you can stick it onto the Maker's Clip's magnet and pin it right onto the pattern.


Organize the Leather Cord & Needle Kit

Our Leather Cord & Needle Stitch Holder Kit comes with a reusable storage box, but it can also be conveniently held by the Maker's Clip: wrap the flexible silicone band around the cords, and stick the needles onto the strong magnets.


Tidy Up Household Cables

It's not just for knitting tools - the Maker's Clip comes in handy for all sorts of household uses! We love to use it to keep our phone chargers tidy and untangled.

Other Compatible Tools


Kraft Caddy

The Kraft Caddy has a whopping 12 pockets - fold the Maker's Clip over any pocket or edge to hold whichever tools and notions you need.

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Project Wallet

Clip a Maker's Clip to the top edge of any one of the Project Wallet's 11 pockets to keep small tools even more accessible.

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Kraft Bins

Just like the Kraft Caddy and Project Wallet (or any fabric, really!), clip the Maker's Clip onto the edge of a Kraft Bin to securely hold tools, cords, papers, and more.

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Yarn Snip

The Yarn Snip is made of forged iron, so it will stick to a Maker's Clip (or any magnet) for easy access when you need it.

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Stitch Fixer

The nickel-plated steel Stitch Fixer will magnetically stick to the Maker's Clip, so you can quickly grab it in a dropped-stitch emergency.

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Tapestry Needles

Also made of nickel plated steel - find it quickly when it's attached to the Maker's Clip.

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Curved Cable Needles

Tired of losing your cable needle? You guessed it: our nickel plated steel Curved Cable Needle will always be nearby when it's conveniently stuck to the Maker's Clip.

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Bamboo Cable Needles

Wrap the whole set together with the Maker's Clip's silicone band for tidy storage. And of course, the nickel-plated steel band in the center will stick to it!

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