How to Wash Kraft Paper Fabric Products

Washable paper? You read that right. That's the magic of kraft paper fabric!

You've seen this clever vegan material in several of our most popular tools and accessories, like the Maker's Board and the Kraft Caddy. Kraft paper fabric is soft and pliable, yet sturdy enough to maintain its shape as you use it, and is machine washable if it needs to be cleaned. With repeated use and washings, the kraft paper fabric will take on a beautifully weathered, textured look similar to well-loved leather. (If you prefer the crisp, less textured look, we recommend ironing or not washing.) There are few simple tricks to getting this texture just right, so we've laid out the basics for you.

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How To...


Remove Non-Fabric Parts

Be sure to remove parts that cannot be machine washed, such as magnets, elastic, leather handles, and metal inserts.


Optional: Use a Washing Bag

When washing her Accessory Roll, Julie prefers to detach the four snap pouches and put all 5 pieces together inside a Washing Bag. This ensures that they all stay together when being washed with other items. This step is optional, as all our kraft paper fabric products are sturdy enough for machine washing without a Washing Bag!


Toss in the Washing Machine

Machine wash these items in cool or cold water on a gentle cycle. Use laundry detergent as you normally would, but avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

If you prefer to hand wash, soak the item for 30-60 minutes in tepid water with a small amount of dish soap, then rinse.


Optional: Crinkle it Up

Once it's out of the wash, it's time to get that texture! Julie loves a soft wrinkled or pebbled look on her kraft paper fabric products. To achieve this, crinkle up your item while it's still damp - really go for it! Ball it up, smoosh it around, squish it. Do this until it's wrinkled to your preference.


Optional: Steam Iron or Press

If you prefer a smoother look, you can iron or press your kraft paper fabric item while it's still damp to flatten it out more. If ironing, use the steam setting and be sure to lay a protective barrier between the kraft paper fabric and the iron, such as a cotton dish towel. For more thorough flattening, press the item under a stack of books for several days.

Note: this will not return the kraft paper fabric to its out-of-the-box crispness.



While damp, manipulate the item into shape and then allow to air dry. Do not machine dry.

TIP: If you hand washed, roll the item in a towel and press out excess water (just as you would a sweater) before any crinkling or ironing. We recommend our Super-Absorbent Towel for best results.



Once fully dry, reassemble any non-washable parts. As you continue to use and wash your kraft paper fabric products, they'll take on a softer and more weathered texture over time, while still maintaining their structure and function.

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