Veronika in Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca

Here’s Veronika knitted up in Joseph Galler Heather Prime Alpaca (100% superfine alpaca, 8 oz/665 yds). It took just 2 skeins for the medium!

I used a US6 needle and the alpaca grew all over the place.  So after blocking while it was still damp I zipped it into a lingerie bag and put it in the dryer on regular heat. It fulled to perfection and is now my everyday, extremely warm “swoncho”!


  1. cathy

    It is fabulous. Where can I get/buy the pattern?

  2. joyce

    I purchased the veronika and am about to start but I am unsure of the provisional CO. Do I do it with waste yarn to later be pulled out?? Or do I just start with the yarn I am using to make it?

  3. Lee Ann

    I purchased the Veronika pattern thinking I had enough yarn, 1664 yds of Frog Tree Sport Weight 100% Alpaca. I need to knit the large and I am 86 yards short of the 1750 yds noted on the pattern. From your notes about the medium took only 1330 yds. Do you think I can knit the large with 1664 yds? (I could make the ribbing on the sleeves narrower)

    Lee Ann

    • I *think* you will make it by about 150 yds. That’s enough that I feel pretty good about your odds;-) The good thing is you’ll do the cuffs last so we’ll deal with those when we get to them! Keep us posted!

  4. Lee Ann

    Thanks so much…it’s a go then. I am so happy! Love this sweater design.

  5. I love this garment, and I love the way it fits! What chest measurement did the garment end up having after blocking and slight felting? How much positive ease do you have so that I can taylor it to my size with the same look. Thanks so much! Lovely pattern with a great new take using alpaca!

    • After “fulling” it had the same measurements as what was specified on the pattern for a size medium. Before fulling it was bigger…I’d guess 20% bigger all around.

      I wore it in the rain in NYC for 3 days and it streeeetched back out (although not as much). When I got home I hand-washed and when it was just damp zipped it into the lingerie bag and did the same…looks like new!

  6. Ditte

    Just wanted to know, if you added any length to the garment? I’m knitting a size medium as well.
    Just can’t wait to wear my swoncho – I love the design. 🙂

    • In the pattern where I tell you how to add length by dec every 4th round…I did that twice to add about an inch of length to the medium.

  7. goddessgr8

    Oh. I forgot to say that I am allergic to alpaca. I cannot not knit with it nor can I wear it. Just an “itch fest” for me, poor darling. But I DO prefer natural yarns. SO, again, thanks.

  8. monique

    Je l’ai fait et je suis fière de moi ……I did it and i’m so glad to be able to do it …….i’m sorry my english is no good ….thank you for this pattern ….I will do an other one ….je vais en faire un autre

  9. Sherry Smith

    I live in Texas and would love to make this in cotton, linen or some warm weather friendly fiber. Any suggestions on what would be light weight and still keep the integrity of the garment?

    • Hi Sherry,

      It’s great in the Shibui combos – Twig alone or linen with Twig. Try looking on Ravelry to see what others have done, too!

    • Sherry

      Already checked out Ravelry- just much done in cotton and/or linen. Would 2 strands of twig be heavy enough? Would 1 strand twig along with Habu linen work? The Shibui Linen snags while knitting. Surely there must be a better choice. Enjoy the Horseshoe Bay retreat with you!

    • One strand of twig would be wonderful- open and airy. If you want it thicker you could strand with habu linen or double it-

    • Sherry

      Didn’t see much on Ravelry. Is there a wrapped Habu cotton or linen that would work in a single thread or does it need to be a combination of two?

  10. Linda

    I’m confused on shaping the neckline, does the first row where you bind off 18 start at the center of the front. If so doesn’t it make it lopsided.

    • The Bind-off should be centered – the pattern is written so that the center front BO is centered in the Front.

  11. Deanna Dixon-Stagner

    I would like to purchase the pattern for the sweater in the lower left corner, but can not connect to the site to purchase it.

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