Traveling Tools for Knitters

Have knitting, will travel. With the right tools, knitting on the road can be just as easy as at home! Whether you're going on a plane, train, or automobile, you want to assemble a convenient toolkit that's non-fussy, easy to pack up, and contains all the essentials. (It doesn't hurt if it's stylish and eco-friendly, too.) Here's a list of ten tools to help you knit (or crochet!) on the go:

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Yarn Snip

Small scissors are essential for any traveling crafter, and these little Yarn Snips have all the right features: they're forged from a single piece of steel so they won't break, they're slim, don’t require you to unfold or get your fingers through openings, and (best yet) they're TSA-approved because the blades are less than 3" long. Included is a little leather cover to protect your project pouch from the pointy ends.

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Stitch Stoppers

Traveling WIPs can get jostled around in their project bags, leaving stitches in danger of popping off the needles. Worry no more! These soft yet sturdy Stitch Stoppers slide down onto your knitting needles and keep your stitches secure. 

Shop Stitch Stoppers (Needle sizes US 0–15 / 2–10 mm)
Shop Jumbo Stitch Stoppers (Needle sizes US 15–19 / 10–16 mm)


Emery Boards

There's nothing worse than your yarn snagging on a broken finger nail or a splintered knitting needle. These little Emery Boards come in a colorful pack of 6, so you can store one in every pocket or pouch to make sure your knitting process stays smooth and snag free. Plus, they can sharpen a note-taking pencil in a pinch!

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Fuzz Off Comb

Wherever you're traveling, keep your knits looking their best with the Fuzz Off Comb. The unique blade design is more gentle and efficient than standard depill tools and can also be used to neaten up wool trousers, workout clothes, and more. The biodegradable PLA body folds in half to a sleek and compact size, and doubles as a cover for the comb.

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Accessory Roll

This compact case unrolls to reveal four separate compartments for easy organization. Each compartment is attached at the back by snaps, so you can take the whole roll with you or unsnap and take just what you need. It's made of washable kraft paper fabric, so you can remove the elastic closures and toss the whole thing in the washing machine.

It can hold all the tools listed above, as well as lots of other tools like our Stitch Markers, Needle Gauge, Bamboo Cable Needles, and more.

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Maker's Keep

Knitting usually requires tiny tools like stitch markers and tapestry needles, and boy do those little things love to get lost. The magnetic face of the Maker's Keep clings onto small tools with metal components, so you don't have to worry about dropping them under an airplane seat or down the side of a car door. The slap bracelet style band can be worn or used flat and has a 4 inch / 10 cm ruler on the underside.

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Natural Mesh Bag

The Natural Mesh Bag protects your yarn cakes from getting mussed and tangled by preventing them from loosely rolling around inside your project bag. It's woven from strong yet lightweight washable paper fabric, and has snaps at the top that can be configured to separate individual strands of yarn from multiple cakes.

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Maker's Board

With the Maker's Board, reading a pattern or chart has never been easier, no matter where you are! The strong magnets included stick to the internal metal sheets to pin up your papers, as well as holding onto small metal tools like Stitch Markers, a Tapestry Needle, Yarn Snips, and more. The whole things folds down flat to slide easily into a bag or backpack, and it fits perfectly inside the Project Portfolio for added convenience. And, you guessed it: the kraft paper fabric is machine washable.

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Project Portfolio

This slim and stylish portfolio was inspired by Japanese travel journals; the three internal pockets can hold your printed pages, worksheet, pattern book, pencil, cell phone, tablet, and even your Maker's Board. It keeps everything neat and protected from wear and tear, and the kraft paper fabric is machine washable. Secure the whole thing closed with the outer elastic band and slip it right inside the Kraft Caddy when you're on the go.

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Kraft Caddy

This flat-bottomed tote is a carry-all workhorse. It has twelve(!!) pockets to store all your bits and bobs, and a spacious interior to hold your project (and then some). It's made from machine-washable kraft paper fabric, so the sides are sturdy enough to stand on their own but soft enough to be flattened and packed away if needed. Add on a Leather Handle Kit (short) for ultimate grab-and-go convenience.

Fill it up with all the tools above and more (including the small Kraft Bin and Four Corner Bag + Leather Handle Kit (long) shown here).

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A woman in a white sweater shown from behind and slightly above, sitting at a table putting her knitting tools away into a Kraft Caddy and leaving.



Hi Nina,
That Instagram picture is courtesy of @knitsbymeggie who was knitting “French Market Bag” by PetiteKnit. It is available on Ravelry and on their website. By the way, our Leather Handle Kit would work great with that bag :)

Nina Garrett

One of your pictures seems to be showing a mesh bag (string? straw?) being knitted - the needles and stitch stopper show. I would love to knit such a bag! When I clicked on it It took me to Instagram, whcih I don’t do. Can you help me find out more about this bag? Thanks -

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