7 Sweater Patterns with Unique Details

For Julie, a good sweater design is all about perfect fit, timeless style, and subtle detail. Many of her patterns take a classic silhouette and add a hint of modern flare - a small and thoughtful touch to give it that Cocoknits je ne sais quoi. A twist here, a fold there, and voilà. These features make our sweaters just as fun to knit as they are fashionable to wear. We've assembled a list of some of our favorite design details, from stylish cables and pleats to functional drawstrings and ties.

It's the Little Things...


Andie's Cable Increases

Andie's sweet and simple appearance is elevated with a subtle detail: cable increases adorn the Cocoknits Method shoulder detail. 

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Renee's Drawstring Hem

With a clever twisted cord drawstring in the folded hem, Renee has all the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt and the option to customize your look by cinching it in.

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Verena's Box Pleat

More structured than a cardigan and more snuggly than a jacket, Verena has a few features that amplify its tailored look - like the single box pleat on the back.

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June's Bubble Sleeves

June is as comfortable and effortless as a T-shirt, and the bubble sleeve detail adds a touch of romance to a simple silhouette.

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Eva's Front Ties

Eva's wide and seamless ties swing down like ribbons when left to hang and can be knotted together to neatly close the front.

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Mishke's Asymmetrical Neckline

Mishke's name was inspired by the Gaelic term “meisce,” meaning drunken - Julie's endearing nod to the playfully skewed construction.

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Number 9's Diagonal Opening

This cropped cardi gets its name because when laid flat, the neckline creates a number 9 - thanks to the diagonal line of the front opening.

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