How to Make a Twisted Cord with a Kitchen Mixer

In this fun tutorial, Julie will teach you how to make a twisted cord with a kitchen mixer and yarn. You could crochet chains or make an I-cord, but this is a much quicker way to get the job done. These cords can be used as drawstrings (like in the Renee pattern), for DIY projects, gift wrapping, or for jewelry making. You'll need a partner to turn the mixer on and off for you. If you have a kiddo around, they'll get a kick out of this project.

Step-by-Step Instructions


Measure Yarn Length

Measure your yarn so it's 5x your desired (finished) cord length. 


Tie Yarn to Mixer

Add one beater to your mixer. Loop one end of your yarn through. Tie yarn ends together in a knot (Julie used a slip knot) so you have one large loop running through the mixer.


Start Spinning!

Hold the knot in your hand and step away from the mixer until you have a taut tension. Then, have your partner start the mixer on the low setting. Once it gets twisted enough that the yarn is tight enough to "jump" have your partner turn the mixer off. 


Twist Cord

Place your finger at the halfway point - guesstimating is fine. Hold the ends together and let go. It will totally twist up on itself, smooth it out with your fingers until it becomes a four-ply cord with neutral tension. 



You can untie your tie or slip knot, then you'll need to snip the other end off of the mixer. Cut all ends flush with each other and tie them in a knot. Voila, you've done it! Now...who's ready to make another?



Hi Ellen, We’re so glad you enjoyed the video! We absolutely agree that if you’re doing it with a child, it’s important that the child is responsible and educated to handle a mixer. This is something each person will need to gauge for themselves and the child.

Ellen Harai

I did know a child who’s index finger was mangled because she tried to get a scoop of dough off the mixer but did not TURN IT OFF FIRST. The mixer started with her finger in it.

Other then not stressing safety, I really enjoyed the video!

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