How to Change the Elastic on Your Accessory Roll

Our handy Accessory Roll is a versatile craft storage option with a wide range of uses. It's a great way to organize those pesky smaller items that always seem to disappear, like tapestry needles and stitch markers. It's also great for traveling: pens, pencils, paintbrushes, jewelry, and hair accessories - the list could go on!

Inspired by folding paper, origami-style, Julie came up with this simple, triangular pouch design that rolls open and secures with elastic bands. We sell our Accessory Roll with three additional colors of interchangeable elastic bands to switch up the look of your case. Watch the video above or read the instructions below to learn how.

Step-by-Step Directions


Choose Color, Open, and Detach Inside Pockets

First thing you want to do is pick your new color! Open the Accessory Roll and unsnap the middle pouches for easy access to the current elastic band. 


Pull Out Old Elastic Color

From here you can simply pull the ends of the original elastic out of each hole. Just like that, the old elastic is gone, we recommend saving it for later - you never know how it could come in handy!  


Tie New Elastic Color

Simply tie a knot at the ends of the new elastic band to form a simple loop. No special knot is needed here, almost anything will do, just secure it tight. 


Center Knot in Middle

Hold the new elastic band loop centered over the Accessory Roll, aligning the knot in the middle. 


Pull Ends Through Holes

Pull each end of the elastic through the nearest hole - from the inside towards the outside. The craft material is quite sturdy, so you don't need to worry about ripping it. Pro tip: using the Stitch Fixer can help you get a better grip. 


Reattach Pouches, Roll Up, and Secure Binds

Snap the pouches back on, roll up the Accessory Roll, and secure your new elastic bands around. There you have it! It's like you have a brand new Accessory Roll. :) 



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