How to Install a Fuzz Off Comb Refill

The "comb" piece of the Fuzz Off Comb is in fact a blade protected by a steel cage, so that it efficiently slices away pesky sweater pills while keeping fingers and fabrics safe. Depending on the frequency of use, the comb could become dull after about a year - but don't throw it away just yet! Comb refills are quick and easy to install, so your Fuzz Off Comb will remain good as new.

The Tools


Fuzz Off Comb

Uniquely designed to safely and efficiently remove pills from handknit sweaters, even those made from the most delicate fibers like cashmere and fine merino. It works just as well on store-bought items like wool trousers and coats.



Comb Refills

These 100% steel refills will make your Fuzz Off Comb work like new. They come three to a pack and can be recycled.

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How to...


Optional: Remove the Cover

If you find the cover gets in the way, you can unsnap it at the hinge and set it aside. Simply snap it back into place when finished.


Slide the End Off

Sliding the end off is easiest to do with the seam side facing you. It will slide up and off in one fluid motion.


Remove and Recycle the Old Comb

Simply lift the old comb out and discard - be sure to recycle it!

The blade edge is covered by a protective cage, so it is not sharp and will be safe to handle. However, the corners are a bit pointy, so handle with care.


Remove the Refill from Its Packaging

Each recyclable paper pack contains three refills, each in its own glassine envelope. Select one refill comb.


Insert the Refill

Insert the new comb refill so that the cage edge is facing down/out, and the two oblong holes align with the two notches on the body.


Align the End

Orient the end piece so that the smooth side is facing you. You will notice cutouts on the end piece - align the tab with the bottom cutout, not the top one.


Slide the End Back On

Slide the end back into place.


Use Your Like-New Fuzz Off Comb!

Voilà! Your Fuzz Off Comb is as good as new. With routine use the comb refill should last about a year.

For a demo of how to use the Fuzz Off Comb to remove sweater pills, click here

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