How to Remove Sweater Pills

The more we wear our favorite sweaters, the more they develop unsightly pill balls and messy fiber fuzz. Washing doesn't remove pills, and traditional depill tools can damage the fabric of your knits. This is why Julie developed a dynamic duo for you: the Sweater Care Brush and Fuzz Off Comb. These two Sweater Care Collection tools work together to gently de-pill and de-fuzz without damaging the yarn, leaving your sweaters refreshed and looking good as new! The process is surprisingly quick - and surprisingly fun.

Recommended Tools


Sweater Care Brush

Made with natural boar bristles, a bamboo body, and a cotton twill handle, the Sweater Care Brush not only depills and neatens up fibers, it also re-fluffs mohair and alpaca, and sweeps away lint and pet hair.

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Fuzz Off Comb

Made with a biodegradable PLA folding handle and a stainless steel depilling blade, the Fuzz Off Comb (patent pending) is compact for travel and uniquely designed to remove pills without damaging your sweater. 

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Sweater Care Collection

To keep your sweaters looking their best, check out the other tools in our collection.

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Lift the Fibers with the Sweater Care Brush

Using long, slow strokes, gently sweep the Sweater Care Brush up and down your sweater. This will break up any clumps of matted fiber and lift them up off the surface of your sweater, particularly around high-friction areas like underarms. This will also remove some of the bigger pills and any errant lint or pet hair.


Depill with the Fuzz Off Comb

Holding the head of the Fuzz Off Comb nearly parallel to the surface of your sweater, use quick downward strokes to shave off any pills. Simply pick off the pills that have been loosened but not cut, and discard them.

Unlike other depilling tools that roughly pull pills off, our patent-pending comb design consists of a sharp blade encased in a protective cage; the pills slip in past the cage bars and are neatly sliced off while your knits (and hands) are protected from the blade edge. 


Optional: Neaten Up the Fibers

Gently sweep the Sweater Care Brush over your sweater to remove any loose fuzz that's been shaved off by the Fuzz Off Comb and to realign the fibers in the direction of the yarn.


Spot the Difference!

In just a few minutes, your sweater is refreshed and looking like new! Repeat the process as needed.

Featured Pattern



In this video, Julie depilled a Toni knit with Fibre Co. Cumbria. Toni is a V-neck Cocoknits Method cardigan with tons of customization options: two types of incorporated button bands, two types of color-blocking, two types of pockets, and two different lengths.

Toni Pattern Page

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