How to Choose the Best Stitch Markers for Your Project

Choosing the best stitch markers for your project should be a fun step in the making process. After years of developing markers, we've become quite obsessed with these little notions, and want to share our love of them with you. If you're new to stitch markers, they're simply a tool you can use to track your stitches, rows, or rounds. You'll be quick to realize that there's quite an assortment of options, varying to fit your project needs. In this article we'll explain what markers work best for which project. 

8 Types of Stitch Markers and Why to Use Them:


Flight of Stitch Markers

Before we walk through our stitch marker options, we had to show off our Flight of Stitch Markers. This adorable kraft box contains a sampling of 5 stitch markers in our classic coloring to go with the Cocoknits Method. While every marker has a different use, often with stitch markers, it comes down to personal preference. This flight is a great way to explore new options as an experienced or beginner knitter. One of our favorite ways to use the flight while knitting is to mix and match shapes. For example, we'll use the Ring Stitch Markers for increases, add Split Ring Markers to the stitches to mark rows of increases completed, and a triangle for the end of a round. There's something about that combination that is so pleasing, having each marker clearly distinguished for its role in our project.  


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2 + 3

Original and Small Colored Ring Stitch Markers

These are the first stitch markers we ever created and they're a classic have-to-have item for any knitter. While Julie was developing her method of knitting, she wanted a visual way to separate sections of the sweater, thus came to be our six-hued rainbow assortment which correspond with our Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet. When knitting any Cocoknits Method pattern, you'll be instructed to place the different marker colors throughout the yoke to keep track of increases and know which section of the sweater you're working on at all times. Learn more about how our color coordination system works with our "Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet" article. 


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Jumbo Colored Ring Stitch Markers

Our Jumbo Colored Ring Stitch Markers came to be when Julie met with Amy Small of Knit Collage at a needlework event. During that conversation, Amy told us that she was still using elastics for markers because there was nothing on the market to accommodate for her super bulky yarn! We were more than happy to make something for lovers of quick knits out there, and decided to give this rainbow palette a more dusty coloring than our original ring markers for a more sophisticated look. Thanks to her insight on Jumbo markers, Julie decided to name this popular pink cardigan pattern after Amy.

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Split Ring Markers

One of our most popular styles, the Split Ring Markers can be used for knitters and crocheters alike. They're great because you can slide them on and off from your needles or stitches at any point, without having to open and close anything. Learn the ways we've used these markers with our article "4 Ways to Use Split Ring Markers."


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Opening Colored Stitch Markers

Opening Stitch Markers come in handy for a couple reasons. It's possible that you may want to move your stitch marker after misplacing it or maybe you want to add/remove one retroactively. With closed ring markers, you'd need to wait until you knit to your desired mark spot, but with these, you can add and remove at any time you'd like. The second benefit is to mark increase rows or rounds. Let's say you're increasing every 10 rounds, you can connect this stitch marker directing onto the knitting every 10th round to easily see how many repeats you've completed.


Visit the Opening Colored Stitch Markers Product Page. 


Triangle Stitch Markers

These Triangle Stitch Markers are more than just fun - they actually serve a unique functionality in two ways. Their shape can be helpful while doing yarn overs, the point of the triangle keeps the yarn over in place, in contrast, a stitch marker that's flush with your needle has the risk of letting the yarn over slip past the marker. In addition, their shape often helps increase the speed at which you can transfer the stitch marker from needle to needle - we find that getting the point of the needle into the corner of the triangle is much quicker than with a circular marker. Please note, we currently sell these in black and white, if you'd like to use them with our Cocoknits Method, we offer a rainbow-hued version exclusively available in our Flight of Stitch Markers


Visit the Triangle Stitch Markers Product Page. 


Precious Metal Stitch Markers

Last but certainly not least: our Precious Metal Stitch Markers. These are perfect if you're looking for a more neutral marker to complement the colors of your knitting. The nickel, gold, and copper colors add just the perfect amount of bling to your project. 


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Keep Your Stitch Markers Organized

Organizing Tools for Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers are one of those items like hair pins, no matter how much you cherish their usefulness, they always seem to go missing. Lucky for you, we created all of our stitch markers to be magnetic so they stick to our Maker's Keep and Magnetic Concrete Tray for safe keeping on your wrist or table next to you. When you're on the go with your markers or it's time to store your tools away, our Accessory Roll is the perfect organizer to keep all your little notions tidy and secure. 


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