4 Ways to Use Split Ring Markers

Our Split Ring Markers have a simple open loop design with a pointed leg, sporting a subtle rainbow of hues that corresponds with all Cocoknits Method projects. They're nylon coated steel, so they cling to the Maker's Keep or Magnetic Concrete Tray for safe-keeping while you work. What we love most about these new markers is how multi-functional they are. Here are four ways to use them...

How to Use Split Ring Markers



While having removable stitch markers for knitting can be useful, when it comes to crochet it's a necessity! There are a few ways to use our Split Ring Markers in Crochet:

1. To mark the rounds. Unlike knitting if you don't use a removable stitch marker for marking rounds, your stitch marker will be stuck in your project forever. Which could be cute with our rainbow colors, but probably isn't the look you're going for. :)

2. For attaching new pieces. It's tough to see and remember exactly which round is which when adding a new piece to your crochet. If you know you're going to add legs to a stuffed animal, on rounds 11-16 you can mark those rounds at an even distance by using markers. No more lopsided teddy bear! 

3. To keep your work from unraveling. It can be a dicey situation to leave your crochet hook and your last loop just sitting there in between crafting sessions with no protection. Simply add a Split Ring Marker to your live loop while you put it aside to ensure that none of your work comes undone. 


Marking Rows for Increases, Decreases, Patterns

Some patterns may require that you count stitches and rows before increases and decreases. Rather than doing this all in your head, simply add your stitch marker to the increase or decrease spot. Now instead of counting, your stitch marker will tell you when it's time, leaving little room for error. On a similar note, cables, colorwork, and lace pattern can all have multiple panels of different stitches which can be near impossible to keep track of without stitch markers. By using stitch markers, you can break up complex patterns into manageable chunks, turning a complicated knit into a walk in the park. 


Marking Rounds, Cocoknits Method Sections

Knitting in the round is most common reason to use markers and often people's first encounter into the world of stitch markers. We know it seems like there are so many options, which one should you pick? For keeping track of your rounds, you can really use any type, provided it fits your needle and yarn weight correctly. To make it even easier on yourself, add a Knitting Row Counter to your magnetic Maker's Keep so rather than tallying up each round on paper, you can simply move the wheel of the counter forward. 

You'll notice that most of our stitch markers have 6 different colors. This isn't an aesthetic choice, although the rainbow palette is quite adorable! These match up with our Cocoknits Method patterns, and will help you understand which section of a sweater you're knitting. This clever style of knitting was developed by our Founder Julie Weisenberger. If you're new to sweaters, this technique is a great place to start, if you've knit sweaters for awhile and never tried this technique, get ready to have your mind blown. 


Catching Dropped Stitches

Typically when we see a dropped stitch, it's after we've passed it. This leaves us worried the entire round or row until we get back to it to pick it up. With these Split Ring Markers you can simply scoop up that rogue stitch until you get back to it, then use our Stitch Fixer to pull the stitch back up through the loops and back on your needle. 



Always learn from your practical real world “hey why didn’t I think of that approach?” Julie you are a genius and so helpful.


Awesome. Tutorial very informative and educational.


Awesome. Thanks for the tutorial. Very informative and educational.


They look as if they will work better that the ones I’ve given up on because they tend to fall out without my noticing until it’s too late! The “tail” of the circle extends further around and will hopefully work better. : )) Can’t wait to try them.

pat cathey

I have used split ring markers a long time but only have three colors. I can see where varied colors can work so well for a top down raglon sleeve sweater for instance, marking the different sections. Hope they come in sizes.

Debbie Tyson

Great idea for using the stitch marker to hold a dropped stitch. Wish I had thought of it. Thanks so much.

Annette Franklin

Love these

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