7 Lightweight Knitting Patterns for Summer

When summer strikes, we opt for lightweight knitting projects that are comfortable to both knit and wear. From sleek tanks, open gauge tees, to breathable cover-ups - these projects are light enough to knit in the sun. A huge part of enjoying knitting while its warm is choosing the right yarn. For each pattern we're giving yarn recommendations that fare well in the heat, featuring cool fibers that are breathable with a smooth handfeel. Get ready to cast-on these airy and inspirational projects and enjoy a crafty summer!

Projects We Love for Summer Knitting...



When it's hot and you want shoulder coverage, we always opt for an open gauge cover-up. The Tilda pattern is a drop-shoulder design that can be customized to fit any body and looks great over a plain tank top. Knit in our Cocoknits Method, it's the perfect project to practice picking up the stitches along the back shoulders as the stitches are so easy to see. 

This is one of eight patterns exclusively available in the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. Get this pattern by purchasing the book from the book page here.



Habu Textiles is one of our favorites for warm weather knitting. In fact, three of the patterns in this article suggest using their yarn. We love it because they have a variety of unique textures, often with fibers that stay cool in the heat such a silk, cotton, and linen. For this project we used n-100 Wide Cotton Gima made out of 100% cotton in Peach.



Add a pop of color and knit style to your outfit with the Adriana pattern. This A-line vest has a flowy and feminine style featuring a finer gauge. It has the same crossover collar design as the unisex pattern Adrian but uses lighter weight yarn with more shallow armholes. This pattern is nearly seamless - only joined at the shoulder along with Kitchener stitch grafts at the collar at the back. 

If you don't know how, visit our knit tutorial to learn "How to Kitchener Stitch"

Visit the Adriana pattern page here.  



We knit this project in a discontinued yarn, but we'd love to see it knit in Erika Knight - Studio Linen. We love this fiber because of it's drape and breathability, but any lace-sport weight yarn that gets gauge will work.



We love Eva for its comfy and relaxed fit. This cropped cardigan pattern has slightly dropped shoulders and ribbed neckbands that can be left to hang when it's warm or tied together when chilly. Knit in one piece from the top down, it's easy to add length to the body or sleeves if you'd like. The sides are split just under the armholes providing some airflow in the heat and a beautiful swing to the fabric. 

Visit the Eva pattern page here.  



You may be thinking, wool for warm weather? No way! But we swear, A Verb For Keeping Warm Flock yarn is actually a great choice for the summer. This super-soft wool is sourced and spun in the US and it's a light fingering weight yarn. As long as you choose a lightweight wool without a lot of crimp, wool will keep you cool in the summer by absorbing and evaporating moisture. The color used in this photo is aptly named - Sun-Dappled Marble.



Not only does Helena wear well in the summer, it's also the perfect multitasking knit project. The design is so simple, you can knit it during your outdoor activities or while talking with friends. This pattern contains directions for playing with different gauges. For your summer version, we recommend creating an airy and drapey fabric by knitting with a strong, thin yarn. Who knows? Maybe when summer's over you'll opt to make a warm winter version.  

Visit the Helena pattern page here



For this project we used Habu Textiles again - yarn a-188 Linen Cotton Paper which is spun up with 56% linen, 44% cotton. We got creative this time around and dyed the natural colored yarn with indigo we purchased from A Verb for Keeping Warm. We don't think anything looks better against a summer blue sky than the rich natural color of indigo. 



Gabrielle has a sophisticated fit and construction and is sure to become your everyday top this season. While it would be great layering for any season, on those hot summer days it looks great paired with high-waisted trousers or skirts. The exaggerated slits and deep V-neck add lean lines to the figure, making this a beautiful alternative to a standard tank.

Visit the Gabrielle pattern page here


We used Shibui Knits Twig yarn (now discontinued) in the color Trail for this pattern. Soft and lightweight, this unique yarn is spun from 46% linen, 42% recycled silk, and 12% wool.



If Modern Farmhouse was a clothing style, Maude would be just that. This simple apron-inspired tunic design has optional pockets and is seamed only at the shoulders. It's the perfect layering piece for everyday wear and activities. With a matching Mini Maude pattern, you and a little one could run around and play in coordinating outfits. 

Visit the Maude pattern page here


This pattern is also knit in Habu Textiles Linen Cotton Paper A-188. Yes, there's a reason we've used this yarn multiple times - it's amazing. Smooth to the touch and light as can be, it's still strong and durable. It's truly the quintessential summer yarn. 



Everyone needs a favorite slouchy tee, and Leonie is just that. The relaxed fit and drop shoulders will have you reaching for this comfy piece constantly. It pairs just as well with skirts and pants as it does over a dress or under a pair of overalls. The bottom-up stockinette knits up quickly with US 10.5-11 (6.5-8 mm) needles, and you might just add a new technique or two to your knitting repertoire - like Shadow Wrap Short Rows and 3-Needle Bind-off.

Visit the Leonie pattern page here


We knit this pale lavender version with BC Garn Lino held double in the color LN63. Nothing says summer knitting like a 100% linen yarn! Durable yet soft, with unbeatable drape and warm-weather breathability.

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