3 Tips for Storing Knit Tools with the Accessory Roll

The Accessory Roll is our go-to for storing our smaller knit tools. This versatile pouch rolls open and closes with four compartments inside. Made with a beautifully thick kraft paper fabric, you can keep yours stiff (as it comes) or wash it to soften the material. In this video, Julie takes you through how she fills hers and shows you how you can make your notion organization even better!

3 Tips for Storing Knit Tools with the Accessory Roll:


Add a Magnet for Stitch Markers

Julie likes to drop a disc magnet in her pouch containing stitch markers so they all cluster together. Remember - all Cocoknits stitch markers have a steel base, so any magnet will do the trick. While they're already safe and sound in the Accessory Roll, this keeps those little items from wandering around too much in the pouch.


Take a Pouch To-Go

If you're tight on space and on the go, you can simply unsnap whichever compartment you need. These small pouches will keep your items secure while you're out, once you return you can simply snap them back into the Accessory Roll! 


Label Compartments

Step up the organization by labeling each compartment with lab tape. You can find the kind Julie used here. She found this to be the best way label, because lab tape is durable but won't leave residue - so you can swap them out as you add new items to your Accessory Roll. 

Another Accessory Roll Trick...

We sell our Accessory Roll with three additional colors of interchangeable elastic bands to switch up the look of your case. Watch the video or read the instructions to learn how with this article "How to Change the Elastic on Your Accessory Roll"


Stanley Thomas

I love mine!! I like how it organizes all my notions in separate holders rather than everything being in one pouch and having to dig around for something. Now I know exactly where something is that I need!

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