How to Knit a Rounded Neckline (Top-Down Garments)

When knitting top-down sweaters the neckline can end up looking clunky. Either you cast on all of your neckline stitches at once, and you get a boat-neck style horizontal line which doesn’t look great on everyone. Or you cast on stitches over several rows and end up creating little stair-steps on the neckline edge, which can be tricky to neaten up during finishing.


Here is how to achieve a nice rounded neckline every time:


Step 1

Cast On all of your front neck stitches (like the boat-neck style)


Step 2

Work short rows, knitting across a few more of the CO stitches each time you come to the neckline until (after a few rows) you are working all of your newly CO neckline stitches. This creates a gradual, curved neckline that can be as shallow or deep as you prefer.


Use Shadow Wrap Short Rows (SWSR) to avoid messy wrap and turn gaps along your graceful rounded neckline

This technique for neckline shaping is used in the following Cocoknits patterns: 

  • Molly 
  • Rosa 
  • Isabelle


Sarah T

Ooh, I am definitely going to try this. The lack of neckline shaping has put me off making top-down sweaters in the past, but this could be the answer!

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