Felted Messenger Bags

$8.00 USD

I love projects that require no sewing, and this is one of them! Just felt this bag, and attach the strap with no-sew buttons. Voila! You’ve got a new knitting bag, purse, diaper bag...

Skills Needed

General knitting skills and felting; intarsia (if doing striped or cross bag).

Finished Dimensions (felted)

  • Small bag: 8" high × 5" wide
  • Medium bag: 5”high × 9” wide
  • Large bag: 8” high × 12” wide

Size after felting is approximate, since the felting process depends on a number of factors that can vary widely (temperature of water, amount of agitation, type of soap used, etc.)



  • For small bag, 2 skeins Lamb’s Pride Worsted.
  • For medium bag, single strand Lamb’s Pride Bulky, 2 skeins main color, 1 skein contrasting color.
  • For large bag, 4 skeins Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool, 25% mohair, 113 g, 190 yds) or Cascade 220 (100% wool, 100g, 220 yds) used doubled through-out (2 each color for 2 colored bag) or 3 skeins Lamb’s Pride Bulky ( (85% wool, 25% mohair, 113 g, 125 yds) used single strand (2 skeins mc, 1 skein cc).


  • For small bag, one 24" #11 circular needle. For large and medium bags, one 24" #15 circular needle.


  • Strap notions are available at a fabric store: 2 yards webbing used for belts or seat belts and 4-6 bachelor or dungaree buttons. 3 metal slides to match the width of your strap. If your webbing is polyester, you can run the ends carefully under a flame to keep them from fraying. If your webbing is cotton, you can use Fray Check or sew the edges. Purse feet are optional.


Not important since you are felting.

Find it at your local store