Cocoknits Method

In Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, I present the method I’ve developed and refined over years of knitting, designing, and teaching others to knit. It’s a visual way to track knitting progress by customizing a color-coded Worksheet that guides the knitter through the creation of a complete sweater.

Cocoknits Method - Yoke

The Cocoknits Method uses top-down knitting that incorporates increases at specific intervals to create truly 3 dimensional shaping that doesn’t require seaming when you’re done. The neck, shoulders, and yoke are created together, so the shaping is softly sloped to hug the body in a flattering way, rather than squared pieces sewn together which turns out too boxy.

The key to the Cocoknits Method is in the 4 sections of the neck, shoulders, and yoke construction.

Section I

Stitches are cast on for the back neck and increases worked to create the upper back.

Section II

Stitches are picked up from the sides of the upper back to create the right and left shoulders.

Section III

Stitches are worked across left shoulder, picked up to create left sleeve, worked across back, picked up to create right sleeve, and worked across right shoulder. This is also where you will place colored stitch markers to delineate each part of the sweater yoke.

Section IV

The rest of the yoke is worked following your customized color-coded Cocoknits Worksheet. (I’ll go into more detail on that later). Your Worksheet will tell you where the shaping happens in relation to the markers (before or after). Then you cruise along with knitting and don’t have to count or read abbreviations as you knit.

Once the yoke is complete, the body and sleeves of your garment are worked seamlessly down to the hem and cuffs. It’s easy to try on your sweater as you work and adjust, if necessary. Then all you have to do is sew up the underarm, and your sweater is ready to wear! Another advantage to my method is when you’ve completed your sweater, you’ll have a customized pattern to work again in a different yarn or colorway with all the shaping in the right places for You.