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November 1, 2019

This year, we're supporting Shop Small Saturday (Nov. 30th) by supporting YOU all month long! We're pleased to announce two initiatives:

1. For the entire month of November, we're offering free shipping to any of our US shops when you place orders over $400!
      • Simply add the coupon code ShopSmallCCK19 during the checkout process to receive the deal.
      • And for our International shops, use code Nov19International to get $30. off your shipping!
    2. Shop Small Saturday is all about getting ready for the holiday season, so we created four gift suggestions (not just for knitters!) from our collection that we think your customers will love.
    We created promo imagery that you can download in the Wholesale Image Library (click "See All News" below, then scroll down to Image Library), or the shared Google Drive folder, that includes:

    - a banner for your website
    - a poster for your shop walls - with bleed / no bleed
    - postcards to label your displays:

    The Knitter - with bleed / no bleed
    The Embroiderer - with bleed / no bleed
    The Sewist - with bleed / no bleed
    The Organizer - with bleed / no bleed

    - images ready to be shared as social posts:

    Knitter / Embroiderer / Sewist / Organizer

    For print assets we have them set up with bleed and no bleed, so you can have them professionally printed or simply print them yourself. We hope these will make holiday prep a little easier and inspire your shoppers to purchase their presents from your store!

    New Product! Flight of Stitch Markers

    October 10, 2019

    You may have heard we're introducing a new product - a Flight of Stitch Markers. It's a little combo kit of 5 types of markers in our 6 rainbow colors (perfect for the Cocoknits Method). The set includes 24 markers of each shape - 4 each of 6 colors - for a total of 120 markers per kit.

    For more details, take a look at the info sheet now posted in 'Downloadable PDFs' - click 'See All News' below and scroll down the page to find the Downloadable PDFs section.

    Wholesale ordering will start October 18th - mark your calendar!

    Slate Maker's Keeps - UPDATE

    September 30, 2019

    Slate Maker's Keeps are back! (And hopefully most of you didn't even notice!)

    Thank you!


    I'm sorry we're out of the Slate Maker's Keeps today, but we are transferring some from our Retail stash to make them available again to Wholesale. This should happen by Tue October 1st.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Split Ring Markers are out of stock

    September 18, 2019

    Due to overwhelming demand, we are all sold out of our new Split Ring Stitch Markers! We are placing an order with our manufacturer to get more made ASAP, and expect they'll be available again in November. 

    In the meantime, please sign up for the 'Notify Me' feature and you'll receive an automatic email as soon as they're available again. In your ordering portal, click on the picture of the Split Ring Markers and you'll be taken to the product description page. You'll see a rectangle to enter your email address, then click 'Email Me' and you will be on the list for notification.

    Thank you for making the Split Ring Stitch Markers one of our most popular products!

    CCK Sweater Workshop books - Update

    September 12, 2019

    3-packs of books are back in stock!

    We are still out of stock on the cases of 20 qty books. We're having another batch of books printed, so we should have the 20-boxes back in stock toward the end of October. If you're interested in this size, you may be alerted via email if you go to the product listing page here and input your email address. You'll receive a notification as soon as they are available to order.

    Thank you!