How to Wash Sweaters and Knitwear

You've spent countless hours knitting an item, or you spent a lot of money on a piece of let's take care of it! Julie found herself constantly rigging together her own kits for sweater care out of miscellaneous items around the house. After many years of teaching she learned that this was a sticking point for her students, as well. So she put together this easy Sweater Care Kit, filled with everything you need to maintain and love your knitwear for years to come.

The included instructions guide you through 4 simple steps with the contents inside to wash and dry your item properly. By cleaning your piece after it gets tired or dirty you reduce pilling and the risk of moth infestation (moths are attracted to dirt and oil on knitwear) It will look better, too, because the fibers will be refreshed and plumped! Whether you're a knitter, crocheter, or someone with delicate store-bought items to take care of, these steps will increase the quality and life of your precious pieces. This process also works to block your recently cast-off knits, but if you have something that you'd like to pin we recommend adding our T-Pins and Knitter's Block to this kit.

4 Steps to Washing Your Sweaters and Knitwear


Fine Mesh, Zippered Laundry Bags + Eucalan Wash



Mesh Laundry Bag

First place your knitwear in the fine mesh, zippered bag. We recommend only placing one item in each bag - turned inside-out and gently folded. Fill your sink with tepid water and add 1 teaspoon of Eucalan per gallon. This is our knitwear detergent of choice because it's delicate, natural, unscented, and best of all, you don't need to rinse it! Let the fibers soak for at least 15 minutes so the cleansers can penetrate the fibers fully. Drain your sink and gently squeeze out excess water - do not wring your knits, ever. 


Large Absorbent Towel


Absorbent Towel For Drying Knits

Next, mindfully place your garment on the Large Absorbent Towel smoothing out the item so it lays flat. Roll the towel up - if you're washing a small piece, you can fold the towel in half first then roll. Kneel and press your body weight against the towel, or step on it barefoot to remove as much moisture as possible.  


Absorbent Grid Towel


Gauge Check Towel For Blocking


Just like hair, once yarns are wet they are malleable and will take shape of their position while drying. That's why we created the Absorbent Grid Towel, so you can check your gauge and shape your piece with the grid that includes both inches and metric reference points. If your item requires pinning (which we suggest for ultimate detail) you can lay this towel over the Knitter's Block and use the T-Pins to secure your item in place. If this isn't possible please note that some moisture could seep through to the surface below. Now allow your item to dry until damp. 


Pop Up Dryer


Pop-Up Dryer

We're almost there! Once your knitwear is damp, gently slide the flat Pop-Up Dryer between your item and the grid towel. Then you may buckle the straps so air can flow underneath the garment without having to flip it. And viola! Just like that you've completed blocking or washing your knitwear properly. It will thank you tenfold, we promise. 

Please ensure that all of the Sweater Care Kit items are completely dried before putting them back in the jute bag. Give your knits extra love by folding them mindfully and storing them in an airy environment with minimal moisture. 

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