How to Use Your Claw Clips

Learn how use Cocoknits Claw Clips to make your life a little easier and seaming a little tidier. Julie designed these little clips because she needed something to hold the seams of her knitting closed, both during seaming and while awaiting seaming. We use these most often for collars and underarms in top-down, seamless sweater knitting. But these will really come in handy for any project that needs seaming kept on-track and perfectly matched. Watch the video or read the instruction below to see how Julie uses them for the underarms of top-down sweaters.



Tidy Seaming of Sweater Underarms

As you are knitting a top-down and seamless sweater, you're going to get to a point where you separate the body and the sleeves. If you're knitting a Cocoknits Method pattern, you’re going to cast on stitches for the underarm. This is Julie's preference because she found that it's more sturdy and neater than picking up stitches and knitting down. While you're knitting there will be a gap here, this is when you use the claw clips. If you don't keep these areas clipped together it can stretch out while you're working and risk looking sloppy. Claw Clips help keep it nice and tidy while you finish your sleeves and body. Once you're finished, go back an seam it with the False Graft - watch the tutorial here

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