How to Make Pompoms

The idea behind any method of making a pompom is the same. You wrap yarn around something, tie a piece of yarn around the middle to secure it all together and create the center of the sphere, then cut the loops of yarn open and trim into the shape you want.

The “something” that you wrap the yarn around can be anything from your fingers, to a piece of cardboard cut into a frame, to a pompom tool. Here at Cocoknits, you know we love having the right tool for any given task, and extra points if it’s an innovative tool! That is why we absolutely love Loome for making pompoms. Not only are their tools beautiful and well made, but they are multi-functional!

There are several Loome tools, but our favorite is the “Loome Tool: Big A Model” because it is versatile and comes with their book, which is overflowing with inspirational content.

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