How to Make Felted Balls

Decorate a tree with these felted ball ornaments or string them together to make a heartwarming garland. They also make wonderful toys for a very merry cat!



You will need:

Feltable wool scraps, Styrofoam balls (1-3" diameter… smaller balls are easier), nylon stocking, rubber bands, rubber gloves, pot, stove, dish soap, bowl, and slotted spoon.



Step 1

Group yarn into similar color groups if desired. Cut scraps to approx 1" pieces and cut out all knots.


Step 2

In a bowl, combine a little dish soap with hot water and soak the yarn scraps. Pick out enough to cover your Styrofoam ball. Form around ball and roll around between your palms until the yarn begins to stick a bit and the Styrofoam is completely covered.


Test Title

Wrap these balls in scraps of the nylon stocking, secured with rubber bands.


Step 4

Throw them in a pot of gently boiling sudsy water. Allow to boil for about 30 minutes, occasionally stirring and knocking balls about with a spoon.
Remove from water with slotted spoon. Remove rubber bands and gently remove nylon covering (it may stick to wool).


Step 5

Now add a bit more dish soap and roll around between your palms to finish off the felting. You can dunk them back in the hot water pot with a slotted spoon in between rolling and soaping.


Step 6

When you are satisfied with your felting, rinse with cool water and allow to dry.

Use floral wire or thread to hang.


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