How to Customize Your Four Corner Bag

Make your favorite bag especially yours. The Four Corner Bag is a fan favorite - and for good reason! These bags are so functional and versatile that you may want to to have more than one on hand. They're made out of a gorgeous natural linen that's machine washable and strong. We use ours for trips to the farmers market and carrying takeout, yarn, and all of our other craft projects. The Four Corner Bag is perfect for customizing and here are some of our favorite ways to do that.  

5 Ways to Customize the Four Corner Bag



Play with some natural dyeing, add a bold hue, or tie dye your bag. The linen fabric takes dye wonderfully. You can find great information on natural dyeing as well as all of the instructions and materials you’ll need here



This plain fabric is easy to embroider, and we think it's just begging to be embellished. You could add your name, your favorite flower, or add decorative edging. We're currently in love with this Mushroom Lover's Bag Kit (pictured) by A Verb for Keeping Warm. This beautiful DIY project will truly turn your bag into a work of art. 


Block Print

Block printing our Four Corner Bag is so much fun. It's not hard to learn how, and offers stunning results. You could create a custom design like BOOKHOU did with this floral design. You could also use these beautiful pre-cut blocks from Block Shop. Julie loves these for a fool-proof way to create a gorgeous print. Learn more about block printing our products with this article "DIY: Block Printing With Our Linen and Kraft Accessories."



Are you a sewist who would like to make your own bag? We provide instructions on how to do this in our Leather Handle Kit. Use a fun print, vintage fabric, or repurpose cloth napkins...the possibilities are really endless! The project pictured was created by @atisdalee using Rifle Paper Co. fabric. 



Last but certainly not least: we have a Knitted Four Corner Bag pattern! It has the same shape and wide opening, but you get to choose from two sizes with three different stitch variations. It's a deceptively simple knitting pattern - the action is really all in the bind off! The version pictured was knit with Habu Textiles a-115 pari pari. 

More about those handles...

Four Corner Bag Leather Handles

We always pair the Four Corner Bag with our Leather Handle Kit, which is sold separately (comes in sizes regular and short). The kit provides an easy, no-sew way to add handles to any bag. They're made from natural, vegetable-tanned leather, and can be removed and reattached every time you need to wash your bag. See the "Attaching No-Sew Leather Handles to the Four Corner Bag" tutorial to get step by step directions (instructions will also come with the kit). 



oops. I misunderstood. From what I read, once I read again, the pattern is included in one of the kits. Thank you. I will buy that one!!


Hi there, I really am fond of the four corner bag. I have the knit pattern and wonder if you have a pattern for the linen fabric bag. I have some wonderful linen that I’d like to make into more of these delightful bags. Thanks for your help.

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