8 Ways to Use Your Maker's Board

The Maker's Board was initially designed to make chart reading easier, but it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Because of the magnetic design, you can use it to hold a variety of items including small tools, tablets, and recipes (to name only a few). Its trifold shape allows you to change the configuration to display your pattern perfectly. Plus, the kraft paper fabric cover is machine washable. Whether on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the top of a mountain, the Maker's Board has a lot to offer. These are our 8 favorite ways to use it:

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8 Ways to Use your Maker's Board


Display Charts and Patterns

You can prop the Maker's Board at any angle you'd like thanks to its three-panel design. Simply slide the front board forward or back to your ideal position and hold in place with a magnet. The strong magnets included with your Maker's Board cling firmly to the internal metal sheets, so you can securely pin up multiple sheets of paper. If you want more magnets so you can hold all of the things, try out our Colorful Magnet Set.


Hold Small Tools with Magnets

Don’t worry about losing those itty bitty tools while you work - the magnets included are strong enough to firmly hold on to tools with metal components. Many of our tools are compatible with our Maker's Board, including:

Ruler & Gauge Set

Maker's Keep

Stitch Markers

Tapestry Needles

Stitch Fixer

Yarn Snip

Row Counter

Curved Cable Needles

Bamboo Cable Needles


Use Our Ruler as a Reading Guide

If you have our magnetic Ruler & Gauge Set (sold separately), either tool can be used as a straight edge. Line your ruler or gauge up above or below the working row in your chart, and never lose track of your place in the pattern. Our Maker's Keep can be used the same way, either by flattening it out and sticking it straight onto the Maker's Board, or by sliding the square face off the wristband and using a couple of spare magnets to stick the flattened wristband onto the board.


Prop it Up Vertically

Flip your Maker’s Board  on its side for vertical viewing. The opened panels provide a stable structure that easily stands on its own. This comes in handy when you're reading a pattern printed in portrait on 8.5 x 11" paper.


Use Both Surfaces

Referring to a chart and the written pattern at the same time has never been easier. Pin your chart to one panel and your written pattern the other. That way you don't need to flip back and forth; you can see it all at once! Every panel of the Maker’s Board has internal metal sheets, so the magnets will stick anywhere.


Use it as a Mini Easel for Art

It's called the "Maker's" Board for a reason: it's for makers of all sorts. If knitting's not your thing, use it as a mini travel easel for drawing and painting.


Read Recipes While You Cook

Use it to prop up recipes for easy, hands-free viewing in the kitchen. It's sturdy enough to hold books, magazines, and tablets.

Spill a little sauce on your Maker’s Board? Worry not - the kraft paper fabric cover is washable! Just carefully remove the internal metal sheets and toss the cover in the washing machine (on delicate) for easy cleanup. Be sure to air dry.


Close It Up When You're Ready to Go

When you’re done working, simply close up your Maker’s Board and go - pattern and tools included. The strong magnets will keep everything secure. Bonus: the Maker’s Board fits perfectly inside our Project Portfolio, which can easily slide into our Kraft Caddy.



Hi Barbara,
The article explains all the uses with pictures. Hope that helps!

Barbara Meroney

The video was so fast that I have no idea of its use.

Barbara Collins

This is a very good tool for Knitters. Love using it and the cable needle and having it they when I need it

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