8 Knitting Patterns for Transitional Weather

When you're stuck in that liminal season between hot and cold temps, choosing a good outfit can be a bit...daunting. Our secret to tackling this temperature conundrum? Layers and versatility. You want garments that you can throw on when you need a bit of warmth in a cool breeze, but will still be light and breathable on a sunny afternoon. Pieces that can just as easily be worn under a coat as over a sundress. We've picked eight patterns that are perfect for transitional weather, from quick-knit vests to intricate lace-and-cable combos. You can leave the house knowing you'll be comfortable all day, no matter what the season throws at you.

Our Favorite Patterns for the In-Between Seasons...


Nine Patch

Versatile Nine Patch has an optional cord tie closure and can be knit with sleeves or without - instructions for both are included. The sleeveless vest version is particularly suited for those days when you need just a little bit of added warmth. Wear it as an accessory over a shirt or dress, or as a discreet extra layer under a coat. The intarsia patches are a great opportunity for stash busting and playing with color!

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Cleo is a simple V-neck tank that can be worn on its own for warmer days, or over a long-sleeve shirt when it's chilly out. A few special details elevate Cleo's minimalist style and make it a super fun knit: an I-cord inspired detail along the front, a single bold pleat on the back, and a purl bind-off on the hem.

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Juniper was inspired as an eco-friendly alternative to poly fleece vests, designed to be knit with fluffy wool yarns like Woolfolk Flette Bulky (shown here) or Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti. It can be worn as a simple open vest, or closed with the optional wrap-style side ties. The bulky yarn and simple design means Juniper knits up in the blink of an eye!

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Everyone needs a little go-to cardigan in their wardrobe, and Zoe is just the thing. The squishy garter takes the edge off those chilly days, while the half-length sleeves and open front ensure you say comfortably cool. The I-cord edging gives Zoe's simple shape that perfectly polished finish. And of course, the best part: it has (optional) pockets.

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Olivia is more than a vest, but not quite a sweater. It’s an easy piece to layer thanks to the completely open sides above the waist ribbing. You can knit it with either the YO or Bobble pattern in the center panel. Olivia requires surprisingly little yardage, making it a great stash-busting transition piece.

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If you want to wear long sleeves all year long, Natalie's for you. The cables on the body create a cozy layer while the openwork sleeves allow for breezy breathability. The deep U neckline makes it an easy layering piece over dresses and collared shirts, or it can be worn alone as a lighter long-sleeve top. There's no stockinette in sight, making Natalie a fun and engaging project to knit!

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Isabelle is the sister design to Natalie (above), knit without sleeves and as a longer, tunic-style slipover with added coverage over the hips. The center cables still provide style and comfort, while the openwork shoulders and sides give lots of good ventilation. The wide armholes let you move freely in warm weather and easily slip on a jacket in the cold.

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Tallulah combines the wearability of a cardigan with the relaxed comfort of a garter wrap. The wide arm holes will easily fit over shirtsleeves without any fuss, and the open front can be pinned closed for extra warmth. Better yet, Tallulah is seamless, sleeveless, and knit with worsted weight yarn on US 10.5 needles, so it knits up in no time.

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