6 Knitting Patterns with Pockets

Pockets sure do come in handy…that’s why we compiled a list of our patterns with pockets for you to knit! They’re all Cocoknits Method sweaters with the exception of one (Lena) and they all feature a different pocket style. The directions for each pocket are written into the pattern. Perhaps you will fall in love with a pocket style and add it to other sweaters, or mix and match patterns and pockets for your favorite look. Whatever you do, we're sure you'll adore the added practicality and coziness these pockets have to offer!

It has pockets!



Sarah is a modern take on the grandpa cardigan. It's a warm sweater - just right for cool days in lieu of a coat. This pattern features a lofty half-fisherman rib stitch and dramatic angled, drop-shoulders. We think it looks great cropped and with lots of ease.


The Pockets: 

The oversized horizontal pockets feature an i-cord cast on which gives them a polished and eye-catching detail. They're knit as the cardigan is worked in a matching rib stitch. This half-fisherman texture makes these already large pockets even more prominent and we think that's just fun. 


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We think a cabled cardigan should be a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe. Because who doesn't love all that textural contrast? It's not only beautiful, but fun to knit! This pattern features a seamless collar, three different cables and three different rib stitches for interest. The ribbed sleeve and gentle shaping keep the silhouette slim. 


The Pockets: 

These horizontal pockets have a 2x2 rib stitch contrast for additional textural interest. The pattern teaches you how to add fabric pockets. This not only gets rid of bulk, but is a fun opportunity to add unique fabric, making your Kiki your own and truly one-of-a-kind. 


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Franca is a fan-favorite, and for good reason! It's a comfy-casual cardigan with a perfectly slouchy shape that's meant to be worn open. Entirely stockinette, the ends roll in for an additional touch of coziness that's just lovely. Everything is knitted as you go, including the front band and the free-hanging, kangaroo-style pockets. So after you bind off, you only have a couple gaps to close before blocking.  


The Pockets: 

Yes, kangaroo-style pockets are as lovely as they sound. They have a smooth appearance and are seamless (you only need to seam the sides). Tip: If you want to make them more relaxed and less bulky, try going up a needle size while knitting the inside of these pockets. 


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Lena is our only non Cocoknits Method pattern on this list, but it's not one to be overlooked. This pattern features a ribbed shawl collar and a high-waisted pleat in the back. It's nearly seamless - worked from the bottom up in one piece until the armholes, sleeves are knitted from cuff to armhole, then all pieces are joined and the yoke is knitted seamlessly. 


The Pockets:

These classic pockets are sewn to the back of your knitted garment. Lucky for you, Julie has a few tips and tricks to make this job easier and tidier. In addition to your pattern directions, visit this knit tutorial to get the details "How to Sew Down Pocket Linings"


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Hillary is a wonderfully cozy tunic that was made for layering. It can really be paired with so many outfits from collared shirts, skirts, jeans, to leggings - this is a versatile go-to sweater. There are two versions you can choose from: Version A is pictured here and features an unfinished, open, V-neckline, and long sleeves. Version B (can be seen here) has a higher, rounded neckline with ribbing, and 3/4-length sleeves. 


The Pockets: 

These diagonal free-hanging pockets are knitted seamlessly as you go. Each pocket is composed of three layers, which are all worked at the same time, then folded behind the other accordion style. It's a fun construction that's different from the rest on this list - get the details in the pattern!


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Emma Version C

Last, but certainly not least - Emma Version C. As the name indicates, there are three versions of this sweater, and for good reason...it's the perfect staple! Mainly composed of stockinette, this long cardigan features beautiful contrasts of ribbing down the sleeves, at the hips, and along a picked up button band. It's a great everyday sweater that you'll love to bundle up with on cold days. Please note, this pattern is exclusively available in our Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book


The Pockets: 

These vertical pockets have directions to be fabric-lined in order to prevent bulk in the hip area. The fabric is connected by hand sewing a whipstitch with a sewing needle and thread. If you'd prefer to attach knitted pockets you can whipstitch with a tapestry needle and yarn. Instructions in addition to the pattern can be found in the second half of our Knit Tutorial "How to Sew Down Pocket Linings"


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Hi Marianne, That sounds good! And you’ll be able to try it on as you go. So if you want to change the shaping, you can make it more boxy or start the hip increases sooner. Enjoy your project!

Marianne Squyer

I love the Hilary but would like to transform it into a more traditional sweatshirt look.
1.Change neckline
2. Start pocket sooner
Anything else I should consider?

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