5 Cozy & Cabled Knit Patterns to Try

When cool weather comes around we start craving cozy cables. This textural technique works beautifully with bouncy worsted weight wool and can be created with either our Bamboo Cable Needles or Curved Cable Needles - depending on your project. We have 5 knit patterns that we think you'll love including pullovers, cardigans, and one unique scarf! 

Fall in Love with Cables with These 5 Projects...



Natalie is the warmer, long sleeved version of the Isabelle. The detail of textural stitches in the shoulder where the Cocoknits Method shaping happens is the highlight of this sweater. The arms feature an openwork pattern which makes this sweater great for a variety of temperatures. Wear it alone when it's warm then layer it over a collared shirt when it's cooler. 

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If you're looking for a boxy and comfy pullover, you'll love the Nieve. The relaxed fit is perfectly balanced with sophisticated shaping for something you can wear out or around the home. It features a flattering deep U-neckline, a split hem, and longer back to slim the hipline. Fun to knit and easy to wear, this classic style will never get old.

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Kiki is one of our most popular cardigans, and for good reason. She's seamless (including the ribbed collar thanks to the Cocoknits Method) and has beautiful pockets which you can line with fabric or knit. Learn how to complete the fabric pockets with our knit tutorial "How to Sew Down Pocket Linings."

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Play with a variety of cables in one cardigan with Mishke. Julie loves working cables, but doesn't always love wearing them. Creating an asymmetric front with ribbing was the solution to make the cables just a little more flattering to wear. 

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River Wrap

If you want a quick project or are new to cables, our River Wrap pattern is a great option. This asymmetrical wrap gradually decreases the sizes of the cables with the width of the scarf for a unique and flowy drape. Best part? The pattern is reversible so it doesn't curl. 

Purchase or learn more about River Wrap here

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