5 Baby and Toddler Sweater Knitting Patterns

Knitting a sweater for a baby or toddler is one of the most meaningful gifts you can make. Something about a handknit item is so special, it's like there's a little bit of love added to every stitch. Often these mini-sized garments become family heirlooms, and are passed down from kid to kid - sometimes generation to generation! That's why we're excited to share this list of adorable knit sweaters for the little one in your life. All of the patterns range in size from baby to toddler, have a classic style, are quick to knit, and were designed with functionality in mind.

5 Baby & Toddler Patterns to Try...


Little Lamb

Your little one will look as adorable as a Little Lamb wrapped in this fuzzy sweater. It’s knit raglan style, so it’s top-down and seamless. The wrap cardigan construction allows plenty of room to grow, so it will fit longer as they get bigger. It can be secured with fabric or I-cord ties, perfect for easy on-and-off. Designed in fuzzy and soft yarns, this cozy cardigan will bring a big smile to your little one’s face. We knit samples in Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti and Woolfolk Flette Bulky. Both offer a fun texture while only including natural fibers, perfect for delicate baby skin. 


Sizes: 6 months (12 months, 18 months, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr)


Visit Little Lamb Pattern Page



This fun little knit is quick and seamless. It has a unique construction; knit sideways, this pattern uses short-row shaping to create the classic A-line shape. Add a big snap or button to secure the cardigan closed for a quick coverup without too many buttons to fuss with. This pattern and the rest of the patterns on this list are knit in Big Bad Wool Weepaca. We love this yarn for baby knits because it's washable, soft, and only composed of natural fibers (50/50 Merino and Baby Alpaca). With a lovely light worsted weight, we highly suggest this yarn for your next project. 


Sizes: S: 3–6 months (M: 6–12 months, L: 18 months, 1X: 24 months)


Visit Snap Pattern Page



Enjoy the adorable look of a mini pullover without the hassle of getting a pullover on a baby. Zip has a zipper running along the entire back of the hoodie. So all you need to do is get your kiddos arms in and zip! As Julie says "Zip reminds me of a bull fight… you hold it out, your little Wild-One runs into it, you zip them down the back as they dash by and away they go!" Check out the gif header of this article to see what it looks like "in-action" or see more photos on the pattern page


Sizes: 12 months (18 months, 24 months)


Visit Zip Pattern Page


Maude Mini

This one's for slightly older kids 2-10 years old. It's perfect for warm weather play, complete with big pockets to fill with toys and other trinkets. It's completely seamless from the bottom-up. The shoulder straps are crossed in the back, then joined using either Kitchener st or 3-needle BO. It's a quick knit, so you might as well knit an adult size for yourself to match! Visit the adult Maude pattern page


Sizes: 2 (4, 6, 8, 10) yr old


Visit Maude Mini Pattern Page



Rose is as sweet and classic as it comes. Julie named this baby coat pattern after a friend’s grandmother who knitted a similar one over 60 years ago. The textural purl and seed stitch contrast within the base of stockinette makes this pattern look impressive, while staying relatively simple in execution. It's knitted top down and seamlessly, so the only finishing you need to worry about is finding the cutest buttons you can. 


Sizes: 6–12 months (1–2 yrs, 2–4 yrs, 4–6 yrs)


Visit Rose Pattern Page

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